XchangeOn’s Milestones And What’s In Coming For 2022


Innovation Factory has created a dynamic Crypto exchange platform, XchangeOn. This platform was created to improve the Crypto trading experience by providing updated features and incentives to Crypto traders. XchangeOn is a centralized Crypto trading platform that is both reliable and secure.

The platform is designed for large-scale trading, faster settlements, and initial support for more than 180 blockchain and crypto-assets. With XchangeOn you can easily exchange BFIC with numerous other cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

The best aspect is that there are no additional fees. The exchange/transaction fees are almost negligible. Furthermore, you may also establish your own vendor/exchanger account on XchangeOn.  and conduct exchange business. Play with your assets however you want to.

Available Features

This quick and easy solution from XchangeOn will help you trade more efficiently. The platform is filled up with the latest features to make your trading experience better and more reliable. Some of them are the followings:

Fear & Greed Index

One of the most up-to-date services in the Crypto exchange business, the Fear & Greed index, is now accessible on XchangeOn. It’s a tool for identifying whether it’s a good time to acquire cryptocurrencies and when it’s a good time to sell. The evaluation of this tool is based on a combination of data sources:

  • Volatility 25%
  • Market volume 25%
  • Social media 15%
  • Survey 15%
  • Dominance 10%
  • Trends 10%

The fear and greed index has often been an accurate signal of a stock market flip in the past, and now is proving its reliability in the crypto market as well.

Top market trends

The outcome of crypto trading and investment is determined by market movements such as demand and price. These factors must be determined quickly on occurrence. The crypto world moves at a fast speed.

If you wish to be a clever trader, XchnageOn provides the functionality for you. The top market trends function will provide you with all of the necessary information regarding the market’s ups and downs.

  • What’s trending
  • Biggest gainers
  • Biggest losers
  • Recently added

Top-performing currencies

Have you ever wondered that there must be statistics available to help you decide which Cryptocurrencies are the best to invest in? Develop a somewhat safe researching approach for producing the maximum return, aside from pouring money into random coins.

XchangeOn takes care of everything. They’ve just broadcasted a new feature that involves a thorough examination from a pool of 2000 coins, identifying the best-performing coins, and creating a system for indexing the entire market so that their users can make the most profits.

Benefits of XchangeOn

  • A reliable business opportunity to start your own exchange business
  • Almost negligible exchange/transaction fees
  • The first exchange in the world where you can find a partner
  • Passive income and compensation plans

Future of XchangeOn

Recently in the first week of February, XchangeOn undergoes some update maintenance. In this maintenance, the platform has been updated to certain improvements in the UI and UX aspects. This improved version of XchangeOn will have all the best aspects of the end-users interaction with the platform, its services, and its developments.

XchangeOn will now be featuring multiple types of trading on its platform:

  • Copy-trading
  • Spot trading
  • Future trading
  • NFT trading
  • Margin trading
  • Arbitrage Tradin
  • Options trading
  • investing

This enables you to trade a wide range of Crypto/NFT over a number of exchanges. All of this is possible with just one terminal, XchangeOn.

Using a single account the users can trade on many exchanges. Arbitrage trading is now attainable with XchangeOn’s new update. You can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies on many exchanges at the same time using your account.

Mobile App

Innovation Factory has just announced that they are about to launch their new app of XchanegOn. This app will be for both android and IOS users, available on the Google play store and Apple store as well. Now the user will be able to trade their crypto at any time, anywhere, using their smartphones.

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