Reasons to Use Text Video Maker for Making Interactive Training Videos

Text videos, also known as kinetic typography animation, are an amazing way to stand out from other online videos. Motion texts make training videos and how-to tutorial videos easy and simple. Various online brands use text videos to attract a larger audience and retain them. Many text video maker software is introduced that is easy to use to make the text video-making process easier. Even non-professional people can design interactive videos in no time.

In the article, we will share important reasons to use Text Video Maker that make your training videos more exciting.

  • Audience Attraction and Customer Retention:

A major reason to use text video maker software to make text videos is that anyone can make professionally designed videos quickly. These videos with moving texts are easy to understand by the viewer, are responsible for promoting the brand name and grab the attention of a bigger audience. 

  • Video is Understandable Even Without Sound:

According to a study, more than 80% of people on Facebook view a video without turning on the sound. Numerous people watch videos while traveling or at work. For such viewers, the text is crucial in a training video. They can read the steps and headings to understand its core concept. 

  • Gives an Aesthetic Touch to Video:

Another reason to use text video maker to add text to videos is that it gives an artistic touch to the training videos. Viewers love colorful images and moving objects in a video with short points. Such things leave a long-lasting effect on the viewer. A few video designers pay attention to the slightest details that make their videos aesthetic.

  • Highlight Key points: 

Video makers help content creators make educational, 5 min videos and tutorials simply with no professionalism. The addition of important content and points can make the video easier to understand. For example, if you own a cooking channel on YouTube and you are making a video on “How to make a cheesecake.” Adding important tips as text on video about baking as the chef talks can make your recipe video easy to remember for the viewer. 

Mango Animate TM to Make Short and Effective Videos:

Internet is full of training videos on every topic. How will a viewer choose to watch your videos over others? Text Video Maker software such as Mango Animate TM makes video creation easy and interactive. 

    • Mango Animate Text Video Maker software comes with a marvelous collection of animated text video templates. 
  • Every template contains amazing kinetic typography animation.
  • Moreover, it has a pick and edit option to make creative text videos in minutes. 
  • Furthermore, this software comes with a library of icons. 
  • Mango Animate Text Video Maker can convert any writing into text video and automatically match perfect figures with it.


Text in a video can enhance viewer engagement and help you reach out better to your viewers. Spending some time to add moving text in your training videos will be worth it.

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