6 Reasons to Try CBD Suppositories at Least Once

Did you know that CBD suppositories exist? Most people aren’t aware of this delivery method because most cannabis advertisements are for oils, flower, capsules, and edibles.


Smoking and ingesting CBD are the two most popular delivery methods, so it makes sense that most people wouldn’t have a clue about alternative delivery methods. 


However, if you’ve never tried a CBD suppository, here are 6 reasons to at least try it once.


  1. Trying new things can be extremely rewarding


If you never tried new things, you’d never be pleasantly surprised with any new experience. There was a time when every food was new to you. Now, you probably have a whole list of your favorite foods that includes things you’re glad you branched out to try.


When you try your first CBD suppository, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to administer and how quickly you’ll feel the effects. Even if suppositories aren’t your first choice, you’ll probably end up keeping a box on hand.


If you’re curious to learn more about CBD suppositories, check out the CBD suppository guide published by Pacific Roots.  


  1. CBD suppositories act quickly and locally


Anything you put into your body will enter your bloodstream directly and quickly. Suppositories bypass the digestive system, which makes more of the CBD available for use.


When you need fast relief, a CBD suppository will get you that relief. However, the experience is unlikely to reach your whole body. Instead, CBD suppositories generally affect the localized area where inserted.


This localized pain relief is why many people use CBD suppositories for sex. Many people say that a CBD suppository makes sex less painful. Other people use them to relieve localized pain in their rectum or vagina. For example, women who suffer from endometriosis and severe menstrual cramps find relief from using vaginal CBD suppositories. Some people also report relief from hemorrhoids.


  1. Suppositories are a common method for delivering medication


If you’re new to suppositories, don’t worry, they’re totally normal. There’s nothing weird about using suppositories.


Suppositories have been used to deliver medication for decades because it’s a highly efficient way to get medication into the body. CBD is no exception. Anytime you need to get something into your bloodstream quickly, a suppository will work wonders.


  1. You want to conquer your fear of the unknown


While many people would say hesitation is rooted in fear, that might not be entirely true. However, if you do have a fear of the unknown, you’ll feel better when you break through that fear.


Trying a CBD suppository is an opportunity to conquer your fear of the unknown. It’s an opportunity to do something you’re avoiding or unsure about. Just conquering your fear of the unknown makes the entire experience worth it.


  1. Suppositories are painless


If you’ve never used any kind of suppository, fearing pain is understandable. However, once you try it, you’ll realize it’s not so bad.


At first, you might feel a little bit uncomfortable since it will be a new sensation, but it’s unlikely to hurt (unless you have a medical condition or extreme sensitivity).


Once you insert your suppository, it will begin to dissolve and you’ll slowly feel it disappearing as it absorbs into your body and bloodstream.


  1. You have rectal or vaginal pain


As stated in point number 2, CBD suppositories can be used to relieve vaginal and rectal pain. Whether you have extreme menstrual cramps, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, or any other issue, CBD can help.


Consult your physician before trying CBD suppositories


As always, talk to your doctor before using a CBD suppository for pain relief if you have a medical condition. While many people are fine using suppositories, there could be a contraindication with medication you’re taking.


It’s hard to believe a natural substance like CBD could have contraindications, but it does. For example, some people report massive headaches when taking CBD or THC with certain homeopathic remedies. Other medications known to interact with CBD include:


  • Warfarin, a blood thinner
  • Amiodarone, a heart medication
  • Levothyroxine, a thyroid medication
  • Clobazam, lamotrigine, and valproate – all seizure medications


These aren’t the only medications CBD can interfere with. To be safe, if you’re taking any medication at all – even homeopathics – talk to your doctor before using a CBD suppository. Even natural substances can harm the body under specific circumstances, and it’s not worth the risk.


Once you’re in the clear and you’re ready to try your first CBD suppository, make the best of your experience.

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