Flutter Mobile App Development: Top 6 Benefits

Flutter Mobile App Development

Discovering Flutter App Development Tool

More and more mobile apps are being released to the market. This is not weird since there are plenty of tools available to developers who want to create an app. Flutter is exactly one of them. 

Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework released in 2017. With the help of Flutter, programmers can use one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps for iOS and Android.

In other words, Flutter is extremely beneficial when you have to make one app run on as many devices as possible. 

Flutter mobile app developers use a programming language called Dart that focuses on front-end development. 

Below are the main reasons to choose Flutter app development agency for your future app.

Top Flutter Benefits

Reduces Code Development Time

Sometimes, it takes minutes to build a mid-size mobile app for Android. However, it may take an eternity to fix only one small visual element. Even though Android Studio has a layout preview for that, this feature is limited and doesn’t always work as it’s supposed to. 

The “hot reload” feature by Flutter allows checking changes applied even without losing the current state of the app. This actually one of the things that make mobile app development with Flutter much faster. 

On top of that, the engine offers plenty of incredibly customizable ready-to-use widgets. Altogether, you skip several effort-consuming steps in mobile app development. This makes the entire process much less painful, faster, and simpler.

Good Documentation

It’s important for new technology to have good documentation. However, not all technologies can boast of it. Flutter has pretty detailed documentation with a clear explanation of every possible issue. Every time when something goes wrong, a flutter developer can check the documentation and find a solution there. 

Robust Flutter Community

Flutter has a growing community of mobile app developers willing to share their experiences and learn from the experience of others. Many Flutter backers share their knowledge and useful content on their social media pages. You will be surprised to see how many communities are out there to exchange info on Flutter. There is a considerable number of places you can check regularly, here are some of them:

Awesome Flutter: a place with tons of articles, videos, components, utilities, and etc devoted to Flutter mobile app development.

It’s All Widgets: a list with all mobile apps created with Flutter.

Flutter Community: a publication with useful articles and guides.

Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms

Mobile app creators know that any cross-platform framework provides a possibility of codebase exchange between the target platforms. Flutter is the only framework that allows sharing both the UI code the UI itself. Flutter doesn’t require any specific UI components for delivering its UI. The only thing that the system needs to show the app UI is the canvas to draw onto. The way of Flutter’s rendering makes the framework stand out. The developers get rid of the headache of UI consistency on different platforms. Making a long story short, mobile development with Flutter saves time, effort, and health of the developer without affecting the performance of the final product. 

Personal Rendering Engine

Flutter utilizes Skia engine for rendering itself onto a platform-provided canvas. It doesn’t matter where you want to launch the UI built with Flutter. It runs perfectly almost on any platform. Besides, Flutter allows developers to do so much stuff with apps they would never do on any other system.

Great Potential Ability

Flutter is about to go further than mobile app development. There are Flutter Web and Desktop embeddings now. Flutter Web preview presented by Google promises to make it possible to run Flatter apps on browsers without altering the source code.

Flutter Development Agency Rexsoft

Flutter is an efficient tool for mobile app development which is about to explode. Thus, it’s high time to start looking for a programmer who knows to utilize it. Luckily, there’s no need to look any further when it comes to finding a true master of Flutter development. The team of talented Rexsoft pros is waiting for your ideas and ready to take implementation on its shoulders. Flutter development allows Rexsoft programmers to create incredible apps with awesome functionality. So don’t hesitate to let Rexsoft acknowledge you with your perfect mobile app!

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