Understanding The Role of Public Adjusters

We have heard insurance claims adjusters. However, of all types of insurance adjusters, only the public adjuster is not employed by the insurance company. Rather, an insurance professional – especially a lawyer/attorney who specializes in the insurance industry and who is licensed by the government is known as a public adjuster.

A policyholder or claimant hires these public adjusters for their insurance claim services because they specialize in managing the various aspects of insurance claims.

Remember that a public adjuster works for you and not the insurance company. So, he will use all his resources, experience, and knowledge to find the best solution for you so that the outcome is fair and yet ensure the maximum possible compensation available to you.

What type of Public Adjuster should you hire?

First of all, you need to understand the scenario and then decide whether you need to hire the services of a public adjuster at all. If you hire a public adjuster, the first thing he will do is study your insurance policy thoroughly. Then he will see what exactly you are claiming compensation for. Next, he will assess the damage to your property thoroughly. He will then calculate the costs required for all repairs and replacements that your asset or property needs.

It is at this stage that he will enter into negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. From this point, the sole motive of the public adjuster will be to get you a maximum possible settlement from the insurance company.

Know what category of Public Adjuster to hire

There is a varied choice of public adjusters to choose from. While it is prudent to choose one with ample experience, you must also base your choice on the type of field that he specializes in. For example, you will find public adjusters who specialize exclusively in tornado, wind, and storm damages; hail and roof damage; fire and smoke damage; water and flood damage; and so many more.

Some specialize in more than one category. And there are yet a few who have exhaustive experience and extensive proficiency in almost all categories and have a proven track record to back their abilities.

Duties of Public Adjusters

Of the various duties that a public adjuster performs for an insurance claimant, here are a few that are mentionable:

  • Estimate and evaluate. The public adjuster must estimate and evaluate the losses that the claimant’s property and assets may have had. He will also need to calculate the money that will be needed to cover all damages.
  • Examine and ascertain. First, the public adjuster will need to study the policy and assess the claims to ascertain the best compensation he can negotiate for you.
  • Investigate and inspect. The public adjuster needs to investigate and evaluate the damages done to the property. He also needs to inspect and validate any extra expenses that may be required.
  • Record and substantiate. As a claimant representative, the public adjuster needs to record and substantiate the claims while keeping in line with the policy itself.
  • The public adjuster also has to provide all his evidence and discuss what best can be done with the insurance company. It is here that his abilities are tested most. He will try to get the best monetary amount from the insurance company to settle for his client, the insurance claimant.

Hiring ProFloridian Public Adjusters Pompano Beach will help with entire process of filing for a claim right up to receiving the money is a very tedious and stressful experience, especially since there will be many hearings and forms and documents to fill and submit.

Knowing that you have a professional who specializes in such a field will give you peace of mind. And you will remain stress-free knowing that this professional has your best interests in mind and that he will get you the best compensation and settlement that you could not otherwise expect to get at all.

As per this https://www.lawyerroll.com/top-reasons-to-hire-a-public-adjuster-in-your-area/ article, always know about your local public adjusters well in advance. You never know when you may need to hire one anyway. Understanding their role will make you confident about hiring one easily.


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