Diet and Activity of a Person Suffering from An Enlarged Prostate

When a person takes control of their body, usually after a massive set back- there are only two things he is asked to rectify- diet and his physical activity. This is precisely what is required of patients suffering from an enlarged prostate. More common in men than women, this condition rears its head well into the ripe age. However, it can develop at any point of time depending on the lifestyle. In most cases it does not go beyond the point of having to repeatedly relieve yourself, however conditions may escalate if proper care is not taken.  Consider Gousse Urology Weston and this article a low down on what to do and what to eat if you find yourself struggling with an enlarged prostate.

Diets to follow

While it is extremely easy to fall for magic diets that promise the world in as little as seven or thirty days, keep your discretion at the centre of your prostate management plan. Scientists and researchers who devote their lifetimes to study causes and management principles of these conditions should be respected enough to stay away from the fad diets that flashy magazines and op-ed pieces have to offer. Here are a few tips to incorporate the principles of a healthy diet in your routine.

Make five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a thumb rule. In case you forgot, these vegetables and fruits contain vitamins, minerals and fibre which are essential for healthy functioning of the urinary and excretory system. The colors of these fresh fruits and vegetables are attributed to several rare antioxidants and phytonutrients and the more they are saturated in color the more quantity of such elements are present in them.

Consider dietary fiber as the superhero in the fight against enlarged prostate. How, you ask? Let us view this from the lens of the function of dietary fibre. The basic function of the dietary fibre is to delay fat absorption. In doing this it keeps you full and aids in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Although little evidence exists of dietary fibre helping with prostate cancer, it has tons of other benefits which will make you want to make dietary fibre your best diet friend.

Research suggests that symptoms of an enlarged prostate can be dramatically managed by cutting meat entirely from your diet especially red and processed meat. It is important to understand the art and science of reading labels as it will help you in making better buying decisions.

Fats especially trans fats which are abundantly found in processed food and only rarely in natural foods have to be avoided at all costs. Combine this with excess of either sugar or salt or both, you are left with a serious body condition that becomes increasingly difficult to manage. As mentioned earlier this brings into relevance the knowledge of reading labels and understanding what is present in which food. This will not only prevent enlarged prostate but also conditions like high blood pressure and heart diseases. Food scientists are evolving clever chemicals to baffle you with food choices however trust nature to guide you best on what to eat and what not to. You will observe noticeable differences in your body if you let nature be your guide.

Physical Activity

Simply adopting an active lifestyle will do tons of good to your body and help it fight an enlarged prostate in a better way. In a study conducted in the US which observed about 30000 men found that males who were physically active had an inverse connection with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms, according to the Health Professionals Follow Up Study, which included over 30,000 men. Even little to moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, tended to alleviate the symptoms. Yoga and kegel exercises have been found to be helpful in combating these ailments as well improve overall health of the patient. Usually medications can be only so much useful, therefore combining your medical course with physical activity acts like a double booster.

The suggested diet and physical activity in this article are the general lines on which you can build your specific routine in consultation with a good medical consultant. For additional information about how urologists can help you with enlarged prostate, this article can help you.


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