Cheap Backpacking Programs for College Students

Backpacking is not for everyone. Students must have courage and strength because they do several tasks, squat and sweat, yet smile at the end of challenging exercises. Students feel great when they complete a long day full of accomplishments. You can buy research paper to get personal insight on how to take backpacking trips through deserts and jungles to interact with the residents and enjoy the landscape. 

Stray Asia

Students can craft their backpacking trips using stray instead of searching on trips for the college students. Through lost travel, you get the necessary resources to plan for your desired routes in Asia. Lost travel allows passes for hop-on and hop-off through Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. There are guides at the different stops who direct passengers to the best place of touring and recommend various locations for traditional cuisine. The same principles can help you look for accommodation if you need to spend your night at your destination.

Stray travel provides its customers with passage stops for boats, trains, and buses. They provide luxury accommodation and travel when you are not well prepared for your routes. You can choose to take their offer or a package that may be suitable for you. They offer travel guidance to different countries.

Australia’s Ultimate Road Journey

The program is excellent for students who love backpacking trips but do not like committing to the whole trip. The main event of the journey is driving, but other activities include daily walks and hikes. Students get to camp for eight days, and there are no flushing toilets in the place. The most impressive part of this backpacking trip for beginners is the camping vibes and hiking. 

There are some beautiful sites like the coast of the twilight cove and Barren Ranges with quartzite peaks. The ultimate road journey allows you to view wildlife like koalas, kangaroos, and emus. You also get to experience the white sharks diving.

Oyster Worldwide backpacking tour to china

China is one of the best backpacking destinations for experienced travelers and beginners because of being the second-largest nation worldwide. The most fantastic experience for students to know the culture and china’s enormity is by backpacking for twenty-five days, offered by Oyster worldwide. There are several destinations to explore in the excellent view land of China. 

A trip to Everest with Poonhill, Gokyo, and community project

Mount Everest is the most known mountain; there are several other destinations in Nepal. The mountain ranges contain Gokyo Ri and AmaDablam. If you need the best and cheapest backpacking trips, Gap Year Nepal has you covered. They offer students an eight-week trip at an affordable price that covers in-country travel, entrance fees to various places, and board and room expenses. 

South Asia Gap Year

The Pacific discovery company is one best backpacking programs for students who love to visit countries like Laos and Thailand. Students get the experience of Buddhist meditation, hiking, rafting, and biking.  


Students who wish to have the best and cheap backpacking experiences should try some of the options outlined above. They are the best advice for students who like enjoying their free time.

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