José trinidad marín Biography

José was brought into the world on February 15, 1964, in California, USA. In February 2021, he turned 57 years of age. This man has great skin. It is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a very much assembled body that weighs 67 kg. The indication of the zodiac is the condition, and has a place with the blended race. 


He is likewise an adherent and supporter of Christianity. Discussing their families, little is thought about Trinidad’s folks. Nonetheless, he has a sibling in any case, at this point, his name isn’t known. 


He initially met Jenny in secondary school. In 1985, when she was only 15, she became pregnant with Jenny “Cheeks”, the first of her five youngsters. Their marriage finished in light of the fact that José treated his significant other Jenny genuinely. 


Marin manhandled her ex-sister and her kids. The family yelled for equity, and José was shipped off jail for tormenting his family. 


José wedded Jenny Rivera at 20 years old. Several was honored with three kids, Czech, Jacqueline and Michael. However, they isolated in 1992 on the grounds that Maran was accused of attack and assault. José mishandled Jenny genuinely and intellectually, which prompted 31 years in jail. It is obscure right now what he will do subsequent to leaving the post. 


José was the administrator of a Mexican-American bistro. He loves to travel and loves music. His business vocation is his greatest kind of revenue.


What is the net worth?

Actually the net worth is not calculated it is as estimated $6 billion to $8 billion. At the starting he was fired from the job due to as quicker as it came to light that Marin actually was requesting to start the bad relation with the workers of the café. 


Jose Trinidad family background

In 1997, Jenny’s more youthful sister, Rosie Rivera, first admitted to manhandling Jose. He said Maran additionally assaulted him and his own oldest girl, Chekys. An actual assessment uncovered that Jos was bugging his girls, Nervy and Jacqueline. There are no insights regarding his dad and mom. 


31 years detainment 


For nearly 12 months, a fight in court was battled here, with Jose being seen as liable of his activities. The court condemned him to 31 years in jail. There was no chance of early parole for acceptable conduct. All individuals from Maran’s family, including kids, were available in court at the conference. Her oldest little girl, Chikis, who was the survivor of the badgering, said, “I simply need to tell my dad that I love him and I excuse him. I love it, however I do. “She was mishandled between the ages of 8 and 12, yet she actually cherishes her dad. 


Ex killed in plane accident 


On December 9, 2012, Jenny passed on in a plane accident. She was going in Largejet on the 25th, yet the plane smashed close to Monterrey, Mexico. She kicked the bucket in the accident, alongside six different travelers ready. Jenny was visiting the area for her melodic exhibitions. Lamentably, this occurrence didn’t end well. He was covered on December 31, 2012 in Al Roh Burial ground in his old neighborhood of Long Island. 


Jose Trinidad Relationship Status 


Notwithstanding every one of the claims against Jose, his girls are as yet in great terms with him. He even welcomed his little girl Czech to his wedding to favor him. He even recorded his whole discussion with his dad Jose and shared the entire occurrence on his YouTube blog. The most youthful little girl, Jackie, met Jose in 2017. She additionally posted pictures with her dad and requested that others apologize and allow her a second opportunity at life.

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