How can a lawyer help a construction worker with an accident injury claim?

When victims of construction-related injuries file for claims, most of the time, the settlement is inadequate. In most cases, it has been found that the compensation covers only the medical bills as per the understanding between the employer and employee. The employer and the insurance company are often required to cover the expenses incurred as post-operative care, income loss, and even compensation for diminished quality of life. When you Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer from Louis Law Group in Broward,he will tell you that it is essential that you file a claim that clearly outlines the physical and mental trauma that the accident has caused to you and your family. The insurance company often overlooks these. But to get the maximum compensation from your employer, you will need to prove liability and negligence on the part of your employer or a third party. Some of the ways that your lawyer can help you in a construction accident claim are as follows:

1. Understanding the liability

The first thing that you have to understand about a construction accident case is that it is necessary to prove liability. This means who is liable to pay compensation for the accident. For example, if the accident has been caused by improperly built scaffolding, your employer is liable to pay for the accident. Ideally, there should have been precautions in place, and your employer should have ensured that no employee climbed onto the scaffolding till it was reinforced. Thus, your lawyer has to prove liability and, subsequently, negligence on the part of your employer. This makes your employer liable to pay the maximum amount of compensation. But without the help of your lawyer, you will not be able to prove liability or negligence. Neither will you be able to understand the amount of compensation that you can get. Thus, your lawyer will help you understand liability, negligence, and, subsequently, the compensation that you can receive.

2. Negotiate on your behalf for compensation.

If you think you deserve more compensation than your employer is offering you, then you need a lawyer to negotiate and mediate on your behalf. Mediating in case of a construction accident works on two levels. The first is he will evaluate your case and check whether you are eligible for the maximum compensation or not. He will also check if the compensation offered by your employer is covering your medical expenses, post-operative care, and your income loss. Suppose the compensation offered also covers other trauma you and your family have undergone because of the accident. In that case, your lawyer will mediate on your behalf and advise you to accept the compensation. Otherwise, he will advise you to file a claim based on the case’s merit. He will mediate on your behalf with the attorneys of your employer and the insurance company’s representatives liable to pay the compensation. He will ensure that the attorneys hear your claim of your employer and your rights are upheld. This is necessary to ensure that you get the maximum compensation if your lawyer finds you eligible for it.

3. Reduce your stress and tension

When it comes to evaluating your claims and damages, it can create added stress and tension. Similarly, when claiming punitive damages and compensation for things like ‘loss of enjoyment or life,’ ‘reduced standard of living, ‘continued medical therapy, it becomes complicated to understand how to file for such claims. With the help of your attorney, you can develop a comprehensive case and ensure the following:

  • You can ascertain that your case is filed on time and not miss out on the deadline.
  • You can provide all the necessary documents to make it easier for you to get the compensation.
  • If you file for litigation, it is essential to have a lawyer aware of the case’s specifics right from the beginning.
  • If there have been similar cases filed against your employer in the past, your lawyer will be in a better position to find out the details of such cases. This will help make your case stronger.

Thus, your attorney can help reduce the overall stress and tension associated with a case, whether with understanding the legal aspect of a claims case or litigation.

4. Complete investigation

An essential part of a lawyer’s work would be to gather evidence to makes your case stronger. Investigating does not mean getting the necessary medical reports investigated and getting all the reports associated with the accident. For example, your attorney will interview people on the construction site to determine if everyone was wearing protective gear and proper precautions were being taken. He will try to find out if the employer takes steps to ensure the safety of the construction workers. Sometimes accident reports are necessary to make it easier to get a swift resolution of the claims. With the help of your lawyer, you can ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. Moreover, your attorney can ensure that the compensation is released swiftly.

When it comes to hiring a construction accident attorney, you must choose one who is aware of the rules and regulations of the region. For example, if the accident occurred in Broward County, contact a Construction Site Accident Injury Attorney at the Louis Law Group in Broward. The primary reason for this is the deadline for filing claims lawsuit differs from state to state, and you need an attorney who is aware of the technicalities of filing a lawsuit in the state of Miami if the accident has occurred there. This is necessary to ensure that your claim is resolved quickly and receive the compensation as soon as possible. Moreover, a lawyer who practices in the region will find it easier to get all the necessary information about construction sites than a lawyer from elsewhere. Thus, you must hire a lawyer from where the construction site is located to make it easier for you to get compensation.  Learn more about Louis Law Group, a Florida Construction Site Accident law firm, via this Haiti Open Magazine business profile.


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