Why should you even hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident, or otherwise, or someone close to you did, you’ve most likely heard about personal injury lawyers. You’ll get tons of advice from everyone, telling you to hire a personal injury lawyer. But are they that important? More importantly, what do personal injury lawyers even do?

The reason to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado can vary from case to case. They are highly specialized attorneys but are required in a variety of situations. Getting into all of these possible reasons and scenarios is beyond the scope of this article. However, we can discuss the general responsibilities that almost every personal injury lawyer has.

Give you advice:

The first job of a personal injury lawyer is to listen to your situation and give you advice accordingly. You, as an average citizen, do not know every single law regarding the unfortunate situation you just found yourself in. You aren’t even aware of all of your rights as a citizen of this country. It is the job of a personal injury lawyer to tell you your rights and give tips on how to exercise them.

Sort out the legal stuff:

If your injuries are caused by an accident, then there is a high likelihood that more than one party is involved. There is a lot of legal documentation that needs to be filled out in such a situation. This legal paperwork will help you later when filing a claim or compensation lawsuit. You can do these on your own, but it will take you much longer, and you might make some critical mistakes in the process.

File the lawsuits:

If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, then you are entitled to hefty compensation. The amount of this compensation will be allotted by the court and will depend on your injuries and the money you lost because of them. To be eligible for this compensation, you need to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. This is also the job of your personal injury lawyer. There is a small window of time after the accident to file this claim. Your lawyer will ensure that the claim is on time and all of the further proceedings are going smoothly, even if you are unable to do anything due to injuries.

Organize all the evidence:

Gathering the initial evidence is your duty. After all, you are the one at the site of the accident, not the personal injury lawyer. But once you’ve accumulated the necessary evidence and witness contacts, the lawyer takes all that evidence and compiles it into a coherent court case.


If you’re on your own, insurance companies will essentially rip you off. They will pay the bare minimum. The lawyer, however, will negotiate the best deal for you. This goes for both your insurance and the insurance of the party at fault. Personal injury lawyers know exactly how to get the most out of them. They are fully aware of the tactics these companies use and ways to counter them.

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