Bedroom Wall Painting Trends of 2021

It is very aptly said, ‘You remember some bedrooms you have slept in. Then there are bedrooms you like to remember. And others you would like to forget.’ A bedroom is where most memories are made. It’s quite true that most of the day is spent either in the kitchen or the living room, but it is undoubtedly the bedroom that signifies intimacy, privacy, and personal space. Therefore, when choosing wall paints for this individual space, contemplate wisely what you want to reflect and also absorb. The newest bedroom wall painting trends that have emerged in 2021 are utterly overwhelming! Accentuated walls, statement walls, contrasting colored walls and not to forget the latest wall paint texture designs for bedroom. And you know what seals the deal here? The rate and cost of these paints! The prices are attractive, competitive, and easy-on-the-pocket amongst all established brands in the market. However, a special mention about the nerolac paints price. Nerolac paints have been spearheading the paint industry for ages now. The expertise, premium quality, and nerolac paints price are drawing a massive response from the customers. If painting your bedroom walls is one of your wishes on the bucket list in 2021, here is a list ready to present you with the newest wall painting trends in 2021. Check it out!

  • Light is a beautiful sight! – The world came crashing down, confining to a bedroom when the pandemic hit hard. With the gloom outside, a surprising transformation was seen with an inclination towards lighter tones in contrast to venerable bright colors. The most preferred wall colors emerged to be whites, creams’ and their undertones.
  • Oh, sweet pink! – Pink is often associated with tenderness, kindness, and appeasing. This color has the potential to set the mood right at once; either used evenly all across the bedroom or with undertones matched thoughtfully with the bedroom theme.
  • Peach and Beach! – Don’t you love to soak in the sun, relaxing, and unfurling by the beach? Then how about bringing the same energized and warm vibe home by opting for tints of peach and orange for your bedroom walls? Contrast it with some darker shade to accentuate the overall look.
  • Heal with Nature Green – Green is the color of nature and having elements of green in the bedroom can surely act as a bridge towards mother earth. Pick from shades of minty green, greying green, or bluish-green; these hues change the look of the room making it appear to be more spacey, airy, and soothing. It helps you relax and refresh after a long day.
  • Bring forth the Golden Shine! – Willing to go bold and make a statement? The best way is to have a statement wall in your bedroom painted in metallic gold and completed with supporting creamy walls. Not only this will let you create a personal artistic space with some antique pieces for the décor, but it also adds volume and substance to space. Make sure to make it larger-than-life with some quirky yet stylish lighting solutions.
  • Mellow Yellow – Yet another color that has proven to be a rage lately is yellow and its undertones. It kind of brings together the best of both worlds – brilliant, dazzling, and high-spirited. It is pleasant to the eyes and keeps you energized all the time. No other color defines playfulness and warmth as yellow does.
    Remember remodeling your most personal space; your bedroom is about time, effort, and thought as it affects your mental, physical and emotional well-being.
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