5 Best Chocolate Gifting Options For Wedding 2021

The delightful edible chocolate is God-sent innovation. From ordinary eating to Valentine gifting, chocolates enjoy year-round fame. The world of chocolates has expanded from creamy pick-me confections to five-star evenings. Pair a chocolate gift with a bottle of red wine and a flower bouquet, and it will be the perfect gift in no time. Exquisite chocolates nowadays come in beautiful packages and are customized to the occasion.

When you have a wedding to attend or fulfill a wedding favor, no ordinary chocolates will do. Customized chocolates are drawing more attention with innovative designs, printed messages, and fancy packaging for consumption and gifting. Dark chocolate to milk-based, luxe, and classy chocolates is how to greet and surprise wedding guests. You might feel nervous in short-listing the wedding favors, but chocolates narrow down your selection amazingly.

Here are five chocolate gifting options to taste and gift at the wedding nuptials and win compliments and hearts. They won’t break your budget and will make a promising and unforgettable wedding favor.

1.  Chocolate Tuxedos

A tuxedo brings fond memories of a black-tie during a regal dinner. A chocolate tuxedo is a novel way of wedding favors. It is a chocolate-coated strawberry styled to a tuxedo. Different chocolates go into the making of chocolate tuxedo. Moreover, a serving dish containing chocolate tuxedos is a creative and wonderful presentation of the yummy chocolate.

Bow ties and buttons atop strawberries make it an instant gobble. The white and dark chocolate tuxedo combination is the perfect bonbon for weddings, baby showers, and any romantic occasion. You can keep the tuxedo leftovers in the refrigerator for consumption within 2 to 3 days.

2.  Liquor Filled Chocolates

No wedding album is complete without fun and frolic. A marriage is a romantic moment with sparkles, fireworks, a wedding feast, and liquors. Rum-infused chocolates have their distinctive smell and taste that will excite several noses.

If the to-be couple loves to party and dance, rum chocolates are a win-win. They may bring tipsy moments, but the spiked chocolate is a smashing hit for wedding feasts. Jack Daniels Whiskey Filled Chocolate gives you fine Swiss chocolate and the famous Jack Daniels whiskey flavor. Eat and serve with care. A good deal of high-profile weddings can have liquor-filled chocolates, for starters.

3.  Pearly White Photo Chocolates

shallow focus photo of brown peanuts

A handful of white chocolate cubes are dreamlike. White chocolate is also a favorable gifting option for daytime weddings. Cook up white chocolate moments by getting your pre-wedding photoshoot pictures embossed on your wedding chocolates.

Putting a couple’s picture on chocolates is a wild thought, but it uniquely expresses your creativity and intelligence. Take your photo chocolate idea one step ahead by getting your pre-wedding photoshoot clicked in different attire embossed on your wedding chocolates. It will give your guests a slice of taste and romance.

4.  Heart-Shaped Chocolates

brown wooden heart shaped figurine

Gifting hearts is a quintessential wedding favor. It conveys romance and all things to do with a heart. Plan heart-shaped chocolates as a wedding gift if you plan to get married on Valentine’s week.

You could have different hearts in white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, and monogram each chocolate to bring about variety in hearts. Give your baker specific instructions to engrave your initials on the heart chocolates for a personalized touch in your wedding favor.

5.  Chocolate and Caramel

red and yellow lollipop on white surface

A delicious cluster of chocolate, caramel, and nuts is an all-time wedding favor. Eating chewy caramel with nuts embedded in the center and molten chocolate on top is a heavenly feeling that may remind you of your first date. The soft, crunchy, caramel chocolate gift is a mouthful of success among juniors and seniors. Get the caramel chocolates etched in a flower shape to add a sense of beauty and love to your wedding favor.

The Last Bite

It would be prudent to include a thank you note in your chocolate wedding favor signed by the couple. The newlyweds can get their initials monogrammed on the note. It will give a personal touch, and your guests will remember your wedding gesture with fondness each time they bite into a bar of chocolate.

Consider mentioning the chocolate ingredients on the gift box to sensitize one in hundred guests prone to allergies. This thoughtfulness tip will stay in their memory and remind them of your wedding. When you decide on wedding chocolates, think of the box or the gift pack. The red and pink box is good to go, and your message imprinted with gold foil adds a touch of exclusivity.


Chocolate is a delectable gift with its creamy, flavorful goodness. It is a luxurious and affordable indulgence. And it’s a perfect gift to express your feelings of love and thanks when thoughtfully wrapped. Make your wedding guests and well-wishers know how deeply you think of them by getting your favorite chocolate gift packaged and presented.

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