Best Career Choice: Android Development Vs Web Development

Android Development Vs Web Development

When it comes to choosing a career, most people tend to be confused when it comes to Android development and web development. Interestingly, not many people can differentiate between these two. However, you should understand that Android and web development are two different careers. Thus, they require a person to have different capabilities and skills. Besides, both fields have different markets.

In this post, we shall discuss more about these two career options, so that you can have an idea of the best option between the two.

Android development

Android development involves creating apps for mobile devices operating on the Android platform. Designing an Android app is a bit more technical compared to designing web applications. Some of the major tools required for Android development include Android SDK Linux, Android SDK Windows, Android SDK Mac, and Android studio python, among others.

Currently, there are three different types of Android applications. These include:

  • Native Android Apps – these apps are specifically made for one platform—Android. Thus, they are designed using tools and languages only supported by the Android operating system, like Eclipse and Java.
  • HTML5 apps – these apps are designed to run on an operating system, including Android. They are made on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and require minimal changes to fit on any OS.
  • Hybrid apps – these apps are made using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, and are considered to be applications in a native browser.

Pros of Android development as a career

  • Android apps are in high demand, meaning there are many job opportunities in this career.
  • Android development is more popular compared to web development.
  • Android developers earn more than web developers because of their specialized expertise.
  • Since Android phones and tablets have a simpler app acceptance process, Android development is much easier than web development.


  • Android development is a more costly and time-consuming activity since the developers require a different set of tools and expertise.
  • Android development is more difficult compared to web development.
  • Android developers have a challenge in clearly depicting the brand image of a company because they don’t have sufficient space.
  • Mobile developers need to work for long hours to meet the set deadlines, just like web developers.

Web development

Web development is all about designing, coding, and operating web applications. Following the user- and client-requirements, web developers create websites to be more user-friendly, with clear navigations and appealing visuals.

Now, this is where the major difference between web development and Android development comes in. Typically, web developers use different programming languages, such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, among others.

The following are the three major options for anyone who wants to start a career in web development:

  • Front-End web developer – Front-End developers specialize in designing the layouts of a website, designing the navigation, and inserting content.
  • Back-End web developer – Back-End developers handle the server-side and database programming, and they ensure that these two critical functions of a website operate well. Typically, the role of Back-End developers is a bit difficult compared to the role of Front-End developers.
  • Full Stack developer – full-stack developers are responsible for both the Front-End and Back-End programming of a website. Thus, a full stack web developer can design a complete website, and this includes the designing and coding of the roles.

Pros of web development as a career

  • Typically, web development is an open-source platform. Thus, web developers have the freedom to bring other developers onboard.
  • The web development market is constantly growing, thus creating new job opportunities for web developers.
  • Unlike Android development, web development is more flexible. So, if you have perfected your skills in one area, you get more opportunities to explore other areas.
  • It’s much easier and cheaper to learn web development than Android development.


  • The technologies and other trends in the web development industry keep on changing. Thus, web developers need to constantly learn new skills, which is a tedious task.
  • Different clients have different requirements and preferences. So, you might find it hard to understand a client, especially if they are not conversant with web development.
  • Web developers require to work for long hours for them to meet client deadlines.

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Bottom Line

The experts from Entrance, custom software Development Company say that Android development and web development careers are just preferences. As a developer, you can choose to focus on Android development as a career, and create mobile apps. These apps can help in the automation of different processes via smartphones.

Besides, web developers are not only highly dependent on software development companies. Today, we have many businesses that require responsive websites and an online presence, and thus, they are in search of experienced web developers to help them in solving their business problems.

So, it’s essential to understand that both web development and Android development are amazing career opportunities. However, developers must be willing to learn with a lot of patience and have exceptional problem-solving skills.

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