Can a Social Media Marketing Agency Design My Website?

It’s the year 2019 and the standard title of web designer no longer applies. From graphic designers, all the way to digital marketing consultants and agencies, just about anyone has the ability (and can usually get the right training) to design quality websites, and marketing agencies have the heads up as well because they often have to have a strong insight to graphic and digital design in order to incorporate the strong SEO features your website needs.

How Marketing Agencies Go About It

When it comes to developing your website through a marketing agency, you’ll notice it’s a lot different than hiring a web designer, or even a graphic designer. Web designers will often use things right off the bat to build wireframes of your website at the beginning, then add design incorporations after your skeleton is complete, while graphic designers will focus on things like colors more and graphics, then incorporate them while they’re actually building your website. Once the skeleton is complete, you’ll get a full website after the content has been written as one of the last and final steps.
A digital marketing agency has your business in mind from the beginning. While they may use some of the same methods as both a web designer and graphic designer, they will usually incorporate the content and SEO directly into your website while working on it, as well as use their marketing plan that you’ve had them tailor (pay per click advertising, ad spaces, graphic spaces and more) so they can get the highest amount for you by implementing a solid market plan.

Content is King

When it comes to having a website, no matter whether it’s before you get it designed, after you get it designed, or after a heavy revamp of your site, content is the main thing that search engines look for in order to help your business grow. Not only that, but also the readers of your website need to be able to easily read and navigate your site when you click here.
SEO isn’t the biggest challenge if you know what you’re doing, it’s just that sometimes people don’t have the time to do it. By having quality content built right along with your website being built, you can even get proper backlinks to your website so you can get the more advanced traffic from everywhere. Also, one thing that does help is that a digital marketing agency can often instill methods of getting traffic to your website, even if your company’s site is still being made. This looks good to search engines later when you submit your info as well.


At Devine Solutions Group, this is one digital marketing company that can help your website be designed and made world famous by allowing the results you want to come right to your doorstep (or your desktop, whichever you prefer). You can get a free consultation, and they will build an entire 24-month marketing plan along with getting together with you to help you design the website that you want.

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