Why Does It Take Time for Some People to Bathe?

It seems annoying that it takes a long time for some people to finish bathing when you can do it in less than half the time. It is even worse if the person is someone from your family or your roommate. You will most likely end up late for work when these people hog the bathroom for quite some time. Before you get angry, you need to understand why some people take their time to bathe.

Alone time 

Some people are too busy with work and family that the only time for them to be alone is when they are in the bathroom. Therefore, they make sure that they stay there for as long as they can. Once they step out of the shower room, they will face a lot of people and be back to their regular busy lives again. They prefer to be in solitude to think about their problems in life.

Health reasons

When you bathe, you wash away dirt and bacteria from your body. You use shampoo for your hair and soap for your body. For others, they have other skin issues to deal with. Hence, they prefer taking care of those problems while in the bathroom. It is the only time for them to treat problems using natural or commercial medications.

Think about problems 

When you are around a lot of people at all times, it is difficult clearing your mind of problems and challenges. Even if you want to solve these issues, you will have a difficult time doing it. When you are in the toilet, and no one is there to disturb you, it is easier to think of the best possible solutions. You can look at various perspectives.

Love of water

Some people hate bathing. You might have to drag them to the shower room to convince them to bathe. For others, it is an enjoyable and comfortable activity. They prefer getting wet. They also love to feel the warm water flowing down their body. If they have a steam shower at home, they will make the most of it. The soothing feeling that the hot shower gives is beyond compare.

Preparing for a long battle

It is challenging to be at work when there are colleagues who have different ideas about solving problems. There could be arguments and discussions that are difficult to overcome. Some people already know what kind of day awaits them. They know it will be terrible once they step into work. Hence, they enjoy their shower since it is probably going to be the best part of their day.

You need to understand that some people love taking longer showers than you do. You can remind them about their time, or you can adjust by waking up to shower first. You might also want to build another bathroom at home and install one of the great steam showers you can buy nowadays, so you can stay a bit longer just like the other members of your family.

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