Increase Followers and Likes on Instagram with ActiveIG

Today I want to talk to you about the ActiveIG that changed my life in my strategy on social networks, especially with Instagram.

With the entry of 2016 I wanted to give more visibility to my blog and thanks to what I am going to tell you next I have got 2200 followers on Instagram in just 4 weeks .

When you create your first account in the social network is a bit frustrating because nobody knows you and get followers beyond the good friends who follow you out of courtesy seems a utopia, right? Quiet, I started the same and now I get an average of 200 followers a day every time I use this app.

The first step of any strategy in social networks is to choose how and where you want to position yourself:
– What platform do your clients use?
– What time do you connect?
– What affinity exists between your company and your customers?
– How can you contribute value (content of interest)?
– How can you make your products known without becoming heavy?
– Do they really capture your message?

In my case, I want to publicize an Instagram page that has the intention of promoting little-known musicians with great potential. So I have focused my audience mainly on Instagram users.

Well, I already have an audience defined and I know where to find it. But I do not know how to get to them.

This is where I found this super interesting website that will allow you to:

Make yourself known among the followers of your competition.
Remove users who do not want to follow you
Eliminate followers who no longer follow you.
Publish automatically from a computer.
Save time by generating content on Instagram or Twitter
Let’s go into detail. First of all, go to and register with the Instagram account you want to optimize. If you are going to work from a mobile, you can do it by downloading your application directly. By the way, the first account is free;).

* Note: ActiveIG has updated its website and no longer allows certain features (such as following followers). I recommend that you download an earlier version to be able to use it.

What alternatives are there?

The ActiveIG website was a hit but it does not allow you to gain followers so quickly. The tricks to get followers still work, but they have to be executed manually, instead of using an app. However, another company has emerged within the sector and it is very easy to get followers on Instagram.

I’m talking about real people, not robots or followers of false accounts.

It has always been said that buying followers is not a very suitable alternative, but this type of companies are always working better marketing and likes or I like that you get on Instagram are real .

I did not believe it at first either, but it has a logical explanation.

The first companies that sold likes and followers were false accounts. Since Instagram has protected their app, now what these companies do is offer likes in exchange for likes, therefore, everyone gets likes from real people.

For example, imagine that you need 1,000 likes in your account and 400 followers. Well, company X offers you the opportunity to get it, as long as you do the same. Would you do it? Of course yes. Well there are other profiles doing the same.


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