4 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

In this age of minimalism, many modern homeowners are opting for smaller houses. Nowadays, people prefer to be more practical and to keep things simple in their day to day lives. Having a compact home has become a trend and makes life less cluttered and simpler. A smaller house means having smaller rooms including a tiny bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house because it is used multiples times in a day by everyone in the household. Designing a small bathroom needs strategic styling to achieve elegance without sacrificing functionality. If you are looking to make the most of your small bathroom, the details found here can be quite helpful.

  1. Select a compact toilet

A standard-sized toilet can dwarf your space and make your bathroom seem cramped and constricted. Installing a compact toilet which will suit the scale of your space is a more fitting option. Choose a space-saving toilet with good water-efficient features and performance. It will conserve more space because it will occupy a small footprint and will create a good flow of traffic in your bathroom.

  1. Choose a large mirror

Putting up a big mirror will create an illusion of more space. In tight conditions, adding a mirror will play with the perception of space as it reflects light and brightens up a place. It adds depth and boosts the visual appeal of your bathroom. It is a tried and tested technique used by experts to enlarge a room.

  1. Use tile trickery

Add interest to your bathroom with the tiles that you will choose to use. There are quite a few design options to choose from that will showcase your preference. You can choose to tile your bathroom halfway up to create dimension while saving on tiles. Or create some drama by pairing a busy floor with simple walls which will trick the eye that you have more space. A monochromatic scheme meanwhile will enlarge an area while giving off a spa-like feel. Going all white is the best choice for opening up space and making your bathroom very welcoming. Whatever style you choose, remember to keep the pattern to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your space.

  1. Optimize storage with well-chosen accessories

Lack of built-in cabinetry is a common concern with a small bathroom, but it can be solved by putting up some choice additions that will compensate for the cutdown storage space. Strategically placed towel racks like those near the shower or tub or mounted on a door are not only useful but also very convenient. Putting a ledge above the sink also serves as fuss-free storage. Open shelving is ideal for small bathrooms.

Look forward to more calming and relaxing bathroom time by transforming your small space into a modest sanctuary with these tips. The amount of space that you have should not limit your imagination in what you want for your bathroom. A modest area can still ooze style and sophistication with clever techniques and the right fixtures and accessories.

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