Write the size of floppy disk

Q: Write the size of floppy disk

Ans: The data stored on floppy disk can be read with floppy disk drive and new data can be written with this drive. The read/write head in the floppy disk drive is used to read and write data on the floppy disk.Normaly Size of floppy disk is 3.5 inches.

Q: Define electronic data Processing.

Ans: The Performance arithemetic and logic operations with the help of computer is known as electronic data Processing (EDP). Computer is used to perform different operations in electronic data processing. Computer accepts data and sequence of instructions. The Sequence of manipulating data is known as a “Program”. Computers also include the means for storing data and the program on internal memory.

Q: How is computer hardware different from Computer Software?

Ans: Computer hardwares are Physically part of computer and Softwares are instruction to Control hardware.

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