What is the difference between analog and digital computer

Q: How does an abacus work?

Ans: It is a wooden rack holding horizontal wires with beads strung on them.
        When these are moved around, according to programming rules memorized 
         by the user, all regular arithmetic problems can be done.
Q: What is the difference between analog and digital computer?
Analog computer:
                Analog computer uses electronic or mechanical phenomena to solve a problem. It used one kind of physical quantity to represent another. It recognized data as continuous measurement of physical property. voltage pressures, speed and temperature are some physical properties.
Digital computer:
              Digital computer process data in numerical form using digital circuits. The digital computer perform arithmetic and logic operations with discrete values. These values are 0 and 1. Everything is described in two states of ON of OFF.
Q: What is meant by computer simulation?
Computer simulation is the use of computer to represent the dynamic responses of one system by the change of behaviours of another system modeller after it. computer simulations are widely used in educational institutes to make clear the understanding of the working of various systems.

How is control bus different from address bus?

Ans, The control bus carries control information from the control unit to the other units while address bus carries address information.
what is meant by secondary memory ?
Primary memory is directly accessible to the processor and is used to store data and programs that are in current use the control nit dose not have direct access to data is stored nay where  outside the processor or main memory.
Describe the method o finding 2’s complement

2’s Complement of a binary number can be obtained by first talking I’s complement and then adding I 1 in the result . This prcess is show in the example below:

Example : Take 2’s complement of the binary number 01100110(2).

Step 1:

Taking I’s complement of the given number results in 1001001.


Adding 1 in the result give me us.



What is high level formating?

During high-level formatting, the information about file-storage is written onto the disk called file-allocation table. This process also prepares the drive to hold data.

What is command line interface?

A user interface is used to interact with the computer. It controls how the user enters data and instructions and how information appears on screen . A command line interface used to write commands through keyboard.

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