Bad SEO Content Strategies You Should Stop Right Now

Content is king – you have probably heard this phrase too many times to remember. As it turns out, this phrase holds a particular weight to it. Excellent content is the best way you can get traffic and drive new customers to your website. In today’s competitive market, search engine optimization is more impactful and significant than ever which is why it is essential to keep up industry changes.

However, despite all the many advantages, many people still find it difficult to optimize their sites due to bad SEO content tactics. This tactic continues to haunt their search rankings, web pages, conversions, and traffic. Even if you know your business inside and out, you can still make one of the many SEO content tactic mistakes.

To identify and lift your website and content out of the dung heap, here are some of the most used bad SEO content tactics as well as ways you can get rid of them from your site.

Link Quantity Over Quality

Link building plays an essential role in search ranking factors. Link building remains one of the most important ranking factors according to Search Metrics but in a way much different than you were used to. Back in the day, building many links without critically analyzing the link domain was a normal workflow because quantity over quality makes your site rank higher. However, Google turned the table after implementing Penguin 2.0.

What you can do now is to focus on natural link quality and link building rather than quantity. It means creating content worth linking to and if you want backlinks, create something that other reputable website can’t help but share with their audience. There is also more effective ways of link building; you can hire Melbourne’s favorite SEO Company or develop a relationship with renowned sites in your niche so that they naturally link to your website.

One Page per Keyword

Creating single pages for every keyword variation is an SEO tactic that was effective for a long time. The thinking behind this technique was solid as you could provide the search engine with more pages to index, target each keyword independently, and appear more relevant. However, this is a usability nightmare which no longer goes unpunished. Also, setting up your website with this tactic no longer has the same desire effect because Google is now more concerned with user intent.

The solution to this old and ineffective tactics is to concentrate more on what is best for your customer.  You have to think about the intent behind your site user search phrase, the type of result that would be most useful to them, and how you can get close to the outcome. In most situations, the reason behind the different keyword variations is the same. So, it is best if you create a single comprehensive content that addresses them all at once. Most times, you can fit the keyword variations into your content intelligently.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate contents is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in SEO writing as you can get punished by Google and it will put your audience off when they realize what happened. According to a study carried out by SEMrush on over 100,000 sites, one of the most popular on-page SEO mistakes is duplicate content. And about 66 percent of the site in the study has significant issues with duplicate materials.

Fortunately, this is probably one of the most natural SEO mistakes to fix. Duplicate contents are multiple pages that either match or similar to each other. Addressing this issue will significantly improve your SEO. You can use Yoast SEO as it has a comprehensive guide on how to deal with duplicate content. Google also has several tips on how to correctly deal with this type of situation.

Overdoing Keywords

There was a time when SEO was mostly about overdoing keywords in an attempt to appear on search engines’ coveted first page. At the time, search engines can only interpret simple signals like the keyword density, and overdoing keywords was all there is. Unfortunately, this is no longer a useful SEO technique. And more importantly, these tactics make your website look bad.

The alternative, you can start be using SEO plugins to optimize your website. For instance, you can use Yoast SEO which is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. This tool has excellent content analysis tool-sets that can help you regulate the SEO density of your site and it has more functions that will significantly help you. Another tactic you can employ is to concentrate on clicks over keywords, especially for Meta descriptions and titles.

You can also focus more on content quality over keywords. When users come to your site, make sure the content is worth their while. Instead of overdoing keywords, focus on better and more content. The related keyword is another excellent tactic you can use. The search engine has a thesaurus, so it clearly understands synonyms.

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