the function of arithmetic and logic unit in CPU


(i) Define internet.

Ans. Internet is a huge collection of computers that connected with one another through communication links.

(ii) Write the two advantages of simulation.

Ans. The advantages of computer simulations are:

  1. It is cost effective.
  2. It can be used to train a large number of people easily.
  3. The same simulation can be used on many computers.

(iii) What is Hybrid computer?

Ans. Hybrid computer are the combination of analog and digital computers. Hybrid computer use analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, and may input or output either analog or digital data. Dynamic problems that once took too long or are too difficult to handle can be solved in a reasonable period of time. These computers can produce highly accurate and precise results. These types of computers are used in robotics, medical labs etc.

(iv) Differentiate between hardware and software.

Ans. Hardware is useless without software because the hardware cannot perform any task without software. Similarly software is useless without hardware because software contains and instructions to be executed by hardware. Computer becomes useful only when hardware and software are combined.

(v) What is meant by system software?

Ans. System software is a combination of programs and that are responsible for controlling and managing the actual operations of the computer hardware. It enables applications software to execute properly.

(vi) Write down the function of arithmetic and logic unit in CPU.

Ans. The arithmetic and logic unit can perform the following operation, like:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Logical operations


  1. Write short answers of any four parts.
  • State the use of mouse

Ans. A mouse is an input device that rolls around on a flat surface and controls the pointer on a display screen. The pointer is an on-screen object-usually an arrow – that is used to select text, access menus, and interact with programs, files or data that appear on screen. As you move the mouse, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction. A typical mouse has two buttons, which performs different functions depending on what application is running. Some mouses also include a croll wheel for scrolling through long documents.

  • State the use of printer

Ans. A printer is a device that produces hardcopy on the paper. Printers are commonly used in businesses to get documents printed on paper. Depending upon the printing mechanism used, printers fall into two categories i.e.

  • Impact printers
  • Non impact printers


  • What do you know about data?

Ans. Data is collection of raw facts and figures and the process from of data is called information.

  • How 1’s compliment of binary number is determined?





Observe that 1’s complement of a binary number can be direct hanging all 0’s to1’s and all 1’s to 0’s.

  • What is Boolean algebra?

Ans. Boolean algebra is the algebra of logic. It is also called logical algebra or switching algebra. It was introduced by an English mathematician George Boole in 1847. It uses symbols to represent logical statements instead of words. It consists of different rules to manipulate symbols to represent logical statements instead of words. It consists of different rules to manipulate symbols. The structure of Boolean algebra is used in designing of logic circuits in computer.

  • Define proposition.

Ans. The statements which are either true or false are called proportion.

  1. Write short answers of any four parts.

(i) What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Ans. RAM

  1. It is volatile.
  2. It is temporary.
  • Direct access to CPU.


  1. It is not volatile.
  2. It is permanent.
  • Not directly access to CPU.

(ii) Define compact Disk.

Ans. Compact disk (CD) is compatible with those in the music industry except that computer CD players spin the CD faster than the original CD’s used in the music industry to obtain higher data transfer rates.

(iii) What are the types of operating system?

Ans. Depending upon the working, the operating systems are divided into the following main types.

Bath processing operating system.

Real-time operating systems.

Single user operating systems.

Multi-user time sharing operating system.

Network operating systems.

(iv) Define assembler

Ans. Assembler is a program that converts an assembly language program into machine language.

In the early days of computer the programs had to be written in machine code introductions using binary codes. So writing programs was very difficult and time-consuming task. It was also prone to errors and removing these errors and removing these errors was another difficult task.

(v) What is meant by file extension?

Ans. File extensions are the ending letters which are placed after a DOT in the file name e.g. phone numbers.txt. In this file name phone numbers is the.txt is the file extension. This extension of a file associates it with an application that can be used to view and manipulate it.

  • What is my computer icon?

Ans. My computer icon is a graphical representation of everything on the computer. It provides access to the different parts on computer. User can access the different disk drives hard drive, Floppy Drive, Floppy Drive, and network drives inside my computer.

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