Looking for an easier way to transfer data between iOS devices and Windows computers?

If you are looking for the best and the easiest way to transfer data between iOS devices and Windows computers, then IOTransfer 3 is the best solution for you. This excellent software helps you to move your pictures between your iPod, iPhone and your PC. The best thing is without taking the help of iTunes you can take the back up with just one click. So now share all your memories and the best moments with your family, friends, and colleagues anytime, anywhere. You can even delete all the unwanted pictures in bulk so that you can get more space where you can keep all your necessary items. This iPhone Manager comes with various other superb benefits. Let’s get to know more about this excellent software.

Wireless Transfer

You can get rid of iTunes or USB cables. That’s because IOTransfer 3 helps you to transfer videos, photos, music, etc. wirelessly. You just have to use your WiFi to move them between your iPad, iPhone, or computer.

Remove useless files

If you want more space in your iPod or iPhone, you need to clean all the junk files. Right? But it’s a time taking and a tedious job. Isn’t it/ Not anymore. That’s because IOTransfer 3 not only scans your mobile quickly but also removes all the useless files and creates required space.

Apart from that if you want to copy all the songs, photos, videos, podcasts, contacts, voice memos, and ebooks to your computer, you can easily do that too. IOTransfer 3 displays all these things which are stored in the iPod, iPhone or iPad so that you can copy your desired one. With just one click you can take the back up of your iPhone too. So, it’s the best and an effortless way to save all your data.

Let’s check out its other benefits.

YouTube Downloader

Are you a big fan of YouTube? Do you love watching videos? Then this segment is dedicated to you. Now, you can download your favorite videos from YouTube for free. So, watch it anytime anywhere. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste into YouTube Video Downloader tool.

You don’t even have to take the help of YouTube Red. IOTransfer 3 allows you to enjoy HD quality videos that range from 240p to 720p. The best thing is you can change it to any format including MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, 3gp, MOV, WebM, etc.

Get introduced to iOS 12

iOS 12 is the new version of that comes with several other exclusive features and a lot of benefits. Here are some iOS 12 Tips for you.

If you want to make your iPhone or iPad faster, you can try this one. This one is the latest iOS platform of Apple. iOs 12 not only improves the performance of your iPhone, iPod or iPad but also improves the battery life, gives you excellent security and a lot more.

You can chat with your friends in Group call and group video. Total 32 people can join at a time.

New emojis, funnier expression, excellent photos, managing notification and a lot more is available for you. So, download this latest version now.

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