The purpose of reverse image search in Google and how to do it

SEO positioning evolves thanks to new trends. One of them is the visual search, whose technology will give much to talk about in the future. Is the world prepared for it? How could the course of your own strategy change?
As the name implies, visual searches refer to the technique to locate subjects, pages, objects and in general all kinds of results through images. Understanding this is simple. However, the concept is extended thanks to its characteristics and the types of searches that the user will be able to develop and which will undoubtedly change the future of Digital Marketing:

– Traditional Search: That is, the one where thousands of images appear with just entering a specific term in the search engine.

– Reverse image search: The one that uses the structured data to find images similar to those found.

– Very detailed search: It is perhaps the most interesting part of this new technology in which Google works. It consists in the search of determined objects within a same image, for which it will be important the pixel by pixel analysis, as well as the metadata that said photograph contains. In other words, it will mean considerable extra work for the technicians and creative minds of the marketing department.

However, you can choose any type that suits your needs.

My experience

The other day I needed data about a picture I wanted to use for a job and a friend told me that I could get image information by doing the reverse image search on Google. I, who thought I knew all that Google can offer me, have discovered that this interesting feature will allow me to perform much more efficient searches.

Its benefits

It is a technique that performs searches from a digital image, that is, it uses an example image to perform a search from it. Through the reverse search, we can know what the original source of an image is, find out the approximate date on which it first appeared on the network, see where else it has been used, find out the author of a photograph, find that same image at higher resolution, etc. For example, if you have a photograph on your computer, you can use this technique to find the same photo, manipulated versions or others that resemble it on other pages. With this you will be able to know, if the photo is yours, if someone has been using it without your permission.

And, how is the reverse image search performed on Google? There are several ways to do it.

Here we show you:
1st way: Upload an image to Google Image search
– Visit
– Click on the camera icon in the Google Images search box.
– Select the option “Upload an image”
– Click on the “Select file” button. Examine and select the image of your computer.

2nd way: Drag the image and drop it in the search box
– Visit
– Click on the image you want to search for information on and holding down the mouse button drag the image to the Google search box.

3rd way: Paste the URL of the image

– If the image we want to obtain is part of a web page, click on it with the right mouse button and select the option “Copy the image route”.
– Go to
– Click on the camera icon in the Google Images search box.
– Select the option “Paste image URL”
– Paste the URL that you have copied and click on “Search by image”.

From the above points we can conclude that reverse image search is in the midst of traditional methods and the most sophisticated methods. This is a very cheap and effective method to realize a better SEO positioning.

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