Top 5 Tips for Evaluating Your Next Fitness Software Program

It will soon be time to invest in new software for your fitness business. Since not all products are the same, you will need to compare the most popular options closely before making a selection. There are specific qualities that must be present in order to earn your business. Put these five tips to good use and your chances of finding the ideal software for crossfit or other types of fitness facilities will be much higher.

Make a List of Features You Like and New Features You Want Included

There are specific features that your current software offers. Some of them you never use, while others are utilized constantly. Any new personal training software that you select must include those essential features. The ones you never use and do not envision every using don’t necessarily have to be present.

Along with the features that you like, make a list of other features the new software should include. Perhaps you want to make sure the new product makes it easier for clients to log in and check their accounts. Maybe you want something that makes it easier to monitor accounting activity. Whatever additional features you would find helpful, focus your attention on software that can provide them with ease.

Focus on Software That Will Need Few If Any Add-Ons Immediately

If you were fine with constantly ordering more add-ons, there’s a good chance you would simply do so to make your current software more functional. The thing about add-ons is they don’t always work as well as people hope. They may also require a greater amount of resources that place a strain on your network.

The ideal situation is to find software that you can use immediately without the need to secure add-ons right from the beginning. In other words, identify software that seems to include as much of the functionality you want without having to enhance it in any way.

The Ability to Create and Generate Custom Reports

All fitness software programs include basic report formats. Some of them will work fine in many situations, but you still want the ability to create and save formats that are customized for your business model. You also want the ability to go back and modify those custom reports if the need arises. This type of flexibility will come in handy as your business continues to grow.

The Ease of Creating and Launching New Classes, Workshops, and Other Events

Your choice of software should make it easier to create and launch all sorts of events at your place of business. If you want to create a campaign that allows members to bring friends along for free on a specific date, it should take no more than a few minutes. Setting up registrations for upcoming classes should be equally easy. Even things like announcing upcoming workshops or some sort of holiday get together for staff and clients should require very little time.

Consider How the Software Would Improve Communication Between Your Staff and Your Clients

The right software must be easy for your clients to use. Make sure they can download apps that run perfectly on their smartphones or other devices. Logging in should be a breeze, and doing things like requesting private sessions with a trainer should take no time at all. Software that improves communication between your staff and your clients makes things easier for everyone concerned.

Remember to make use of trial periods and compare the software with what you already use. It won’t take long to see if a particular program is a good fit for your business, or if the search should continue.



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