Top 10 Budget Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe

The beaches in Europe have long been considered expensive tourist destinations but in fact, some of them will not spend all your vacation funds. You can find many ways to save your expenses on many European beaches and for that you need the best suggestions that can lead you to how to cope with the real situation on the ground. Not just the suggestions, you also need real help to compensate for the prices offered regarding lodging and accommodation services in the spot, the help offered by sites dedicated to guide tourists.

Some of them, not only compare among the lodging and accommodation prices but go further by comparing some “interesting commodities” like how you can travel from one place to another economically, how you can find ease in visiting various tourist attractions, how you can save your time by visiting some destinations in one day and so on. Based on our experience, you can get it all in Tripindicator as the site compares Hop On Hop Off or sightseeing tours, attraction ticket prices, car hire and many more. Even you may get some discounts such as 5% discount on airport hotels or airport lounges. It doesn’t stop here. Tripindicator also compares many European city cards, facilitating every lay visitor to spend their Europe tour.

Back to the topic, this article will explain about 10 beach destinations in Europe, all quite affordable to most people. The following is a list of 10 beaches eligible to serve as a budget holiday destination.

Majorca, Spain

This is all you can think about a romantic Mediterranean beach holiday. Equipped with many exciting local resorts and traditions, Majorca’s beaches attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world each year. There are many travel agents able to provide quality holidays for you in Majorca and some are even able to provide budget beautiful resort rooms for only $ 150 per person.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is always on the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe. The blend of typical ancient Greek settlements with beautiful beaches and cliffs will always impress on the minds of all visitors. You will see how the sea water can be so blue, in contrast to the predominantly white settlements on the seashore. You can save your budget there if you choose Fira’s maze of charming cobbled streets for your Greek foods destination.

Crete, Greece

It is a beautiful island with thousands of years of history. If you are a lover of history as well as a beach lover, then Crete is the best. You can rent a car for about $ 45 for 24 hours. This is a very cheap price when compared to many other popular tourist destinations in Europe.

 Kefalonia, Greece

Greece is once again present in our list. Kefalonia is the best beach if you want a blend of pine trees with beautiful beach. The cost of food and drinks here will not drain your pockets. For example, one glass of wine is sold for about $ 3 and a bottle of local beer is sold for just $ 4.

Porec, Croatia

Its name may not be too popular among world tourists but this beach can’t be underestimated. Beach with a pile of yellowish sand will hypnotize anyone who sees it. A glass of coffee there is sold for only $ 1.5 and if you want cheap lodging, many local homes can be rented at affordable prices.

Costa Blanca, Spain

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Europe. You do not have to worry about accommodation because you can find many hotels and resorts according to your budget. Among them are Apartamento Bennecke Modena, Calpe Park, Albir Playa and if you want very cheap lodging, Casa Paris and Casa Brazil can be an option.

Marmaris, Turkey

Located in Turkey, this beach is Turkey’s most famous tourist destination. Equipped with many beautiful resorts, spending a holiday on this beach is an unforgettable luxury. To save your money, you can rent cheap lodgings managed by the locals. You have to know that alcohol is heavily taxed there.

Algarve, Portugal

Famous but affordable in terms of cost, that’s Algarve! This beach in Portugal has everything it needs to live. Visiting out of season and staying in the inland are the best ways to save your money. Renting a car can save you time because the public transport facilities in the Algarve are not very adequate. Travel in October to March because the hotels there give some considerable discounts.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

If you want to enjoy the silence of the Black Sea, then Sunny Beach is the right choice. This beach offers typical Eastern European hospitality. Not only beach tours, you can take the historical tour in Nessebar, the nearest city. You can get food and drinks, mineral water, mosquito repellent, sun cream, everything for less than $ 30!

Limassol, Cyprus

Offering a typical Mediterranean atmosphere, Limassol Beach will never be boring to visit. Most luxury hotels there charge less than $ 80 per day. The cost of car rental is also quite affordable. For a standard city car, you only need to spend $ 25 a day.

Hopefully the above list can help you to get quality beach holidays in Europe at affordable prices.

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