How to Write a Check – Latest Tips 2018

Check is one of the important part of sending money to other person or company but its correct filling is necessary because when you forget to write any entry on your check, you will not be able to pay any amount to your receiver. Check the follow useful tips for completing your job,

1 – First and important step is to type date on right side of the top corner.

2 – You have to write the name of your recipient – he may be company or individual.

such as pay to – annie J. Roberts

Note – If it is individual, you have to write first and last name also.

in case of company – write the full name do not use observation words such as PTV, write on check as Pakistan Television.

3 – You have to write amount behind the date see in image – Your check is 20$ see below,

4 – In 4th step, you must write 20$ in urdu behind the Pay TO optionĀ see below,

5 – You have to sign your own, in the right side on the bottom line. Do not mis any above entry otherwise your check will be not paid to your recipient.

6 – In the left side, at the bottom line, ForĀ you have to right comment or tell why you are paying to your recipient.

Note – If you write incorrect amount such as in English you write 20$ but in Urdu, you write twenty one it mean your information is not good.

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