How can you easily control your child?

Parental control is something which is considered quite tough if you are a working parent. Neither you can leave your job, nor you have any other alternative to take care of your child. And so, the best way in the middle is to maintain between both.

Managing along and manually can be bit tough and you may require lots of resources for the same as you may need to hire a caretaker which will be again costly. One other option that I came across is the parental control software.

Yes, you can balance between both by using a parental control software. Such software like Hoverwatch is cheap, effective, and the best thing is you can manage your child being remote.

There are multiple features this parental control software allows you to manage your kids and knowing those can definitely help you. Let’s start and see some of the amazing features of the parental control software which will help you a lot. Here we will be writing the features considering the app Hoverwatch.


5 Parental control features those will help you manage your kids effectively

These are the quite some basic features everyone should understand and use effectively.

 #1 Location tracker

Location tracking is one of the most basic features and required too you will find in any software. Such feature work on the mechanism of GPS and you need to install the Hoverwatch app on the smartphone of your kid. Now wherever he or she will visit, you will get the live location in your Hoverwatch dashboard.

 #2 Call Tracking

Yes, if you are working then you need to identify whom your kids are making calls all day. For that again the same Hoverwatch app will help you. You will be able to know whom they have made the call or received the call over a period of time. Also, you will be able to know the frequently called member and the call duration. These details are enough to make a quick audit and check if the calls are made to the legit person or not.

 #3 Message tracking

You can also track messages using the same app and the best thing is, you won’t have to configure it again and again. You will be able to know whom your kids are sending messages and from where they are receiving.

 #4 Social Media Tracking

All social media interactions and chats can be managed using the app. The app Hoverwatch support all the major social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. and you can get to know whom they are chatting and interacting. Not only these, you will be also able to know what kind of contents or media they are sharing and whether they should do it or not.

 #5 Web Filter

The Internet is full of good and bad stuff and there are many websites online which at least your kid should not access. For this, you can either block certain websites or some category of websites so that they won’t be able to access any.

 #6 App filters

You can also block some of the apps like gambling from the Google play store so that your kids won’t be able to access and install those. By this way, you can be sure, they are not exposed to any apps which they should not.


These were all about how you can control your child in terms of a parental control system using Hoverwatch. Managing the kids with the help of this softwareis quite feasible and necessary if the parents are working. You can also download the app and try this application here.

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