Increase Traffic to Your Fashion Website By Harnessing the Power of Instagram Marketing


Instagram has brought a new realm of increasing traffic to fashion sites. The top fashion brands are in awe of Instagram, using it as one of the most critical marketing strategies today. It was recorded recently that almost 92% of fashion brands are there on the Instagram, hiking the traffic on their fashion site.

Who thought Instagram could do so much through a mere display of images? Visualizing the concepts has won hearts of many people and is one of the best ways to market your products. Instagram rules the marketing strategies of the fashion world, and there are way too many pointers that are responsible for this. Here, we have provided you with the vital tips of making it big in the fashion world by way of Instagram:


Pointers to make it big in the fashion world:


  • Perfect your pictures: The concept of Instagram revolves around picturizing your ideas. The only way to attract customers on Instagram is through images. Thus, you need to have high-resolution pictures that will grab the eyeballs of the consumers and will allure them with its beauty. The colors should be sharp and should pop out. The image should stand out from all the other pictures. Increasing Instagram followers is necessary to enhance your website sales.


  • The story behind your picture: Top most fashion houses try to create a story out of their pictures to engage the consumers. The images should be self-narrative. They should interact with the consumers in its own way. For instance, if you choose a bohemian dress with a girl running in the mustard field, you are narrating a story. The story of a dress fit for a bohemian situation and summery occasions. It will attract the consumers and they will relate to the story and would want to buy the products.


  • Your story should match the theme: The theme of your Instagram feed depicts the kind of work culture you follow. You need to have a picture that will connect with the theme. For example, if you have your Instagram as vintage sellers your dresses should match the vintage theme. Then only you will be able to attract potential traffic to your fashion site.


  • Do a well of research on the hashtags you will be using: You must do well-off research on the hashtags that you will be using to promote your fashion page. Hashtags play a significant role in marketing via Instagram. They are the only way your profile is visible on different news feeds and to a vast audience. Accordingly, you need to choose your hashtags very carefully and need to make good use of them. Use as many hashtags as you can and try inculcating the most used hashtags in your stories.


Keep Posting regularly: To be visible in the news feeds of the people, you need to update posts daily without fail. More and more posts will promote your page and eventually result in high traffic on your fashion site.

 To conclude Instagram hikes up your traffic on the site frantically only if it is being utilized in the right way. You need to use it in a well of the way so that you can smoothly become a successful brand online.


Author bio: Alexander Edwards is a noted blogger, and he is popular for writing on social media platforms. Here, he wants to say that if you have a fashion site, then Instagram usage can help you to reach the heights. He has also discussed increasing Instagram followers as well.

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