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Want to improve mental skills while playing some apps on the Andorid then here are the apps will help you definitely. Download apps free from here, Use anywhere without the internet connection. More apps will available for kids to sharper their mind and brain regarding studies, math, Science or any other subject. Apps are more important for us to use other than gaming. Google actually love the apps to be downloading them and will increase the value of Google Play store. It is really important for the little kids to use such app for their brain training and making strong connection towards the special studies and important examinations.

Here you will access all the apps and software developing brains, mental abilities, skills improvement, learning improvements for students and for kids of schools, colleges and universities. There are millions of apps are available on the internet for your training, kids training and students training very nicely and completely. Not only for the training of brains of little students but also for the mature students into the college or into the university. We can also use them best way to solve the different questions of our homework assignments and class work.

Masha and the Bear Educational App

Learn best world of the Masha and the bear with 30 educational games and will love it completely due to unique things. This best game app on various characters of the famous cartoon series with adventures is available here.


  • Masha and the bear best educational apps are used to make the brains of kids,
  • Development of studies,
  • Math calculations and data collection,
  • Puzzle solving,
  • Answering questions,
  • Solving issues,


Updated recently, Size 32 MB, version 1.9, Requires Android, supportive for PC and Android mobiles, and are easy to use them with perfect and easy.


Quick Brain Mathematics Apps

Best increase bran power and complete right against options with players from around the globe. With the experience, familiar with, and can also fight with other people in match game as the multiplayer arena in real timing. It is best brain supporting game that is based on the rules of cognitive psychology to have things in practice.

Features of the Quick Brain Mathematics Apps

  • Best for quick developing memory,
  • Attention for children and young,
  • Efficient training of brain,
  • Simple and understandable process of playing,
  • Available without internet connection,

Specifications of Quick Brain Mathematics Apps

Quick Brain Mathematics app completely according to device, millions of people have already installed, changed and varies actually with the devices, requirement of version will be according to android mobile.


Word Search Games in English

If you like to improve your kid’s brain and make them sharper in studies then Word Search Games in English the only game app for you. It is about simple puzzle game will actually surprise students, you can also enjoy word search games quite easy to play. It is suitable for the high school students and for the middle school students.


  • Perfect for the kids and senior students,
  • It is best as classic mental game,
  • Making the perfect brain training with skills improvement,
  • Improving the vocabulary,
  • Knowledgeable game,


The Word Search Games in English is 15 MB of size; latest version is 7.0, requires Android 4.0.3 or above, best rated for 3+.


Tic TAC Toe Classic

It is one of hardest game ever and personally found attractive. Version and styles of the Tic TAC Toe game actually includes a creative board designs and XO glow according to latest designs of graphics and attractions. It is actually about 3 points, we should make them common and in a straight line then we will win the contest. It is the best as attractive and smartest version the games and really mind challenging too exactly. Game actually includes creative styles of playing it.


  • Best as classic noughts Crosses board as 3×3,
  • In this game where 3 in a row will wins,
  • Great playing with interesting background music and unique sound effects,
  • Multiplayer and play with the XO mode.


Great as plying, simple and clean, easily suits with the Andorid mobiles, current version of this game is 1.3.7, varies with the handset usage, rated for the 3+,


Balls Bricks Breaker

Holding screen to aim app and swipe the ball the brick and beak all the bricks you face easily into the game. One of the best shooting games for brain training and app shoot and watch the chain of balls hit and then bouncing the break the available bricks there. One of best ball breaking games to us and using various options in it and will be more enjoying towards best brain training.


  • Playing balls bricks one handed,
  • We can play it just with the figure tips to more the bricks and balls,
  • One of the best relaxing bran for us,
  • Best use of time as playing this game,
  • We can get leaderboards and achievements into it.


Magic Words

For increasing the worlds into the memory, for sharpening the vocabulary we have one of the best brain training apps now and it is great to solve the different puzzle with this. Plying with this game as magic words to start training and making brains more intelligent is great in this game known as magic words.


  • Discovering extra words of bonus gold,
  • Great to playing as hundreds of level in it,
  • Thousands of the words waiting you to discover them,
  • You can use hints or can ask from the friends to support,


It is available in lots of versions and also varies with the device, millions of its users are installing continuously, requires in 4.0.3 android, rated for the 3+, current and available version 0.36.0, helpful as digital purchases.


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