Biggest Kite Flying In Pakistan 2018

Biggest Kite Flying Pakistan 2018

Basant is the kite festival for us and it has been a historic and valuable springtime kite flying event to celebrate and behave the various aspects of life to cover with this. There are lots of places in Pakistan known specialized for the Basant festival as the Lahore is leading and at the peak due to the old traditions of this big city. So as in recent years there has been a ban on the kit flying into the Punjab in Pakistan due to use the dangerous, life threatening and substances as into the strings. That particular things cause lots of accidents and troubles for the people.

Attractions of the Biggest Kite Flying Pakistan 2018

There are lots of matters we have to keep in mind while enjoying the festival Basant. The Pakistan information and the cultural organization in the Phoenix will present its all different and unique kite festival and the Basant Mela on different and several places into the Pakistan.

Lots of people got together and enjoy the events we like the most.

It’s like the biggest festival for us and makes people get as attached together.

Enjoy the things as cutting the kits of people with their own kits.

You can also have this fun by flying the kits anywhere you want just find a place with the friends.

It is great fun to enjoy with our mutual friends and also with the college friends and university fellows.

There are lots of other factors for our Biggest Kite Flying Pakistan 2018 as the strings like the chemical and other random string.

The Basant, Kite Flying in Pakistan is also known as lots of different names as Makar Sankranti, Pech, Manjha, Charkha, Dheel, Khainch, Patang, Guddi, Dedh Kanni, Tukkal, Patangbazi and many more we may have as using to elaborate the term of flying kits anywhere we want.

Biggest Kite Flying Pakistan in 2018


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