Keep Your Eyes On These Technology Companies!

We live in a fast-changing world and in no arena, is this more particularly true than the arena of technology; and there are several technology of companies which are driving this revolution forwards. And in this article, we’d be covering technology companies to watch in 2017. The following is a list of technology companies which to look out for:


This technology company is a bit of a mystery in that nobody knows what their upcoming product of 2017 is going to be, but there is lots of speculation that this company is going to be making big waves this year. There is talk that they are developing a product called Magic Leap One, which will combine both computer generated media overlaid with real world; something straight out of science fiction where a futuristic car windscreen can be turned into a computer screen.

Whilst the details of Magic Leap One are still a bit unclear, talk is that the product when developed will outpace rival firm’s technology.


In the last few years, the name Elon Musk has become a household name and for good reason. This man has not only launched his own aerospace company (SpaceX) which regularly helps NASA with rocket launches but has also launched his own car company, Tesla. And in the few years that Tesla has been in existence, it has already outshone many of its rivals in the field of automotive technology. For Tesla vehicles have some of the most advanced pieces of car technology built into them, from engines which are fully electric to state of the art GPS and steering.

Yet in 2017, Tesla is launching the next model of car in its fleet, the Tesla Model 3, which many car experts are already saying is going to push the technological boundaries of cars forward once again!


This technology company became famous for developing cameras which can be placed on helmets or the end of bikes, etc. Yet GoPro has now begun to branch out from cameras and into drones. And GoPro Karma is their first drone. Whilst this drone costs nearly $1000, it has already got very warm reception from the public with lots of positive reviews.

Who knows what way this technology company is going to head in the future but from previous track record, the company is probably going on to greater successes in the future.


There was once a time when yahoo was the big boy of online search engines. In the mid to late 1990s, whenever one logged online the search engine which they would usually head straight for was Yahoo! Yet over the last 15 years, this company has been slowly moving down the ranks to the point where it is now in major financial trouble and at risk of having to close if it can’t sort itself out.

Whilst there have been attempts within the company to try and change around its fortunes (like the purchasing of the successful social media platform Tumblr) it hasn’t had much success. So recently it came as no surprise when the global communications giant Verizon purchased this company. How it will go in the future, nobody can say but with Verizon now coming onboard, there is a chance that Yahoo might come out of the red yet.


One of the leading pioneers in Virtual Reality, Oculus is a technology company which is owned by Facebook. In December, it was announced the company was going to be having a reshuffle and the creation of two divisions, one division to focus on mobile VR and the other to focus on PC VR.

Whilst this technology company is certainly set to be even bigger than it is now, the company has certainly had its difficulties, such as when it was revealed that the company was funding a group who were spreading lies about Hillary Clinton during the last presidential campaign.

Though one will need a crystal ball to say how the future will pan out for these companies, it is certainly possible for one to trade these companies. Which way the share prices of these companies will go through, who knows?

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