Top 10 Comics Apps For Install on Android Mobile


Hindi Jokes

In between the lots of unique apps the Hindi Jokes have a very unique and amazing trend for all of us. There are millions of visitors and all the new funny jokes in Hindi and get jokes funny jokes in hindi chutkuly, funny hindi jokes are available through this amazing app for you.


نكت مصورة اصاحبي

If you want to have some best joking comic between the hands and jokes funny comic jokes and lots of other funny picture jokes are available through this app. There are lots of pictures and snaps are available to share and send various things like the texts and messages.

Funny Poetry Collection 2018 (Urdu/Hindi)

This app is famous not only for the android app but also for any android or simple mobiles for you. This is huge collection of best funny poetry in urdu, hindi languages. It is well known spread funny and poetry messages and also about the status updates in family and also into the friends.

Emoji Maker

With the discovering more and more functions and features we can have the Emoji Maker type of the apps for us and for enjoying nicely. For the sharing of creative thoughts in emoji stickers and gifts when you chat to friends or anyone else. It is really very amazing to send and receive things like that are amazing for us.


Cartoon Maker- Avatar Creator

By making your friends and family members as looking cartoons is really amazing for us. Cartoon avatar creator is nice powerful and fun maker app that you can still easily create your own cartoon picture. Cartoon pictures design comic characters very simply for us to use and send and receive messages to each other.


Pathan Jokes in Urdu – Funny Jokes -Pathan Latifay

Quality of funny jokes and poetry is rare for us and lots of most funny jokes in urdu for the sake of enjoyment and laugh when you are getting board. Making fun of each other with the pathan jokes is really a unique android app and point to making fun with each other.

Manga Browser – Manga Reader

Manga Browser – Manga Reader is very helpful you read manag or the comic on the android mobile or the android devices for the sake of optimized user interface. Now it is easy to use what you need to complete is as selecting and read for enjoyment.

Joker Superhero Theme

There are some very unique and rare apps which are helpful for us to apply the jokes with the pictures of super hero but the Joker Superhero Theme to enjoy thousands of free themes and different wallpapers. It is really helpful for applying the facial accepting apps on our friends and family members.

Photo talks: speech bubbles

Now photo talks with such apps which are useful and helpful to convey our messages to the other people we want. It is fact pho talks detects people faces on a photo and automatically generates speech bubbles and features of fats for the detected persons or selected persons.

Cat Cartoon Theme C Launcher

By making your pictures funny and sending it to the other people who are your favorite and friends. now super cute cats theme from the C launcher is nicely compatible to the different pictures and wallpapers for the sake of attraction. If you want to customize your phone background then this app will also more than helpful for you.

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