How to Install WeChat on Android

It is fact there are lots of chat options in front of us and people are just mad about thing which is just related to social media and social media messaging. Same as like that there is a great quality chatting app which is as the WeChat on android mobiles and here you will get the best and easy way to get install your WeChat android app completely.

Follow the summary of installation WeChat

On a first step you have to open up the search box of your Google Play Store and then type in it the WeChat that will leads you to the downloadable WeChat application easily. Then you will click on the install button and with the automatic process you will easily receive the app in your android smart phone TodayKos.

Open Your Google Play Store Account

It is a custom account in each and every android mobile and each and every smart phone. It is a unique and rainbow type of the icon button leads to an account and connected with the Google Mail. With clicking on it you will view your own account.

Type WeChat into the Search Bar

It is must for the user to type any of the desired names into the search bar otherwise they will not catch any kind of the thing. In this case we have to search for the WeChat and then click on it will leads us to the app of the WeChat and then click on the icon it will open a new window.

Click On the Install Button

When it opens up completely then click on the install button and there will show a message with the option of accept or cancel then you should select accept button.

Click On Accept Button

As clicking on the install button you will receive a message about accept a button which leads you to get automatic installation.

That process is very easy to follow and easier to implement too so people can use it without hesitation and enjoy the best, fast and reliable chatting with the friends, family and also with the colleagues without any hesitation and trouble.


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