How to Use PPC Service of Google

PPC Meaning

PPC is stand for pay per click and simple it is google ads when someone lick on google ads website owner or advertiser pay to google for each click.

How to Check PPC Ads on Google

If you do not know which are the PPC ads on google , you can check easily from our following pic, you will see google PPC which advertised by website owner.

PPC And Google Adsense

There are some difference between PPC and Google adsense, you can follow difference such as,

Look Difference

When website owner give ads to google for buying click on website it is PPC.     PPC

Google give ads to website owner for the taking the click it is called G-adsense.                    Google Adsense

Owner of the website pay to google for each click or buy total 100 clicks with 50$ as example. PPC

Google pay the website owner when he gets click on ads from his site, on daily base. Google Adsense

Owner of the website wants quality clicks from google because of his website product sale. PPC

Google only pay the when gets click on from owner website. Google Adsense

How To Get Good Benefits From Google ads

Website owner have to get good benefits from google adwords facility because owner has to pay for this services. When he want to get this services he must do something special or must search how can increase sale from this google ads services read some tips following,

1 – Always post good keywords when you want to get google ads services.

2 – Your keywords must be consumer searching type when they want to buy products.

3 – Your keywords must be selling types such as web hosting because someone search web hosting, he always want to buy website for his site.

List of Keywords which can give benefits

1 – Baby Clothes

2 – Web Hosting

3 – Buy Cycle

4 – Essay Writing

5 – Latest Android Mobile Price

6 – High Heel Price

Note – You can use like a above types of keywords which are only for buying when someone search them because there are no option of searching above keywords.

We are posting some very good information as in images shape will give you good information

Pay-per-click By Wikipedia

Save on your PC and Read

Note – All above information has been taken from some top websites so it is good PPC ads information for increasing your knowledge.



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