How TO Become The SEO – The Future of Any Person Life in 2018

SEO is one of the leading way of income which lots of Pakistani and Indian people has adopt and also doing in this 2018. But i have raised the Q of how to Make part SEO of your life as future and i will prof it so only read our solid information tips,

Total SEO Tools

There are some SEO tools which you have to know before understanding so we are posting some SEO tools such as,

1 – Guest Posting or Paid Posting

2 – Social Bookmarking

3 – Directory Submission

4 – Comment Posting

5 – Keyword Selection for Website – Work

Each SEO Tool Is Future (Paid Guest Posting )– Find Prof

1 – Paid Guest Post = If you have website, you can earn good amount of income from it because lots of website owners buy post on good DA website. Q is how can get buyer for your website, it is very simple Use website and add connection related to SEO Company and U-Karain related connection and send email to all for paid guest posting services.

How to Email To Your Add Connection in Your List

Format of Sending Email

Subject – Paid Guest Posting Available on My Site – DO You need?

Destail in Box –

I have one very good DA site which will suite your website and its ranking so please view my site –

If you need post on above site please let us me we will mention price with you.

Waiting Positive Reply


When someone agree with your price, you ask your client for send you detail so when you will received detail, you will write article about related to your client website adress and will post his site in your article and publish on your site.

When you publish his article, so share link to your client and after check publish post, your client will send you payment on your paypal.

Have you Got Prof – Paid Guest Posting is the Future of Your Life

                                                           Yes  or No


2 – Social Bookmarking is the Future for your Life ? – Proof

When you know about completely about social bookmarking, you can sale your services to any website owner with cheap price but monthly income will be reasonable for you.

How to Search Social Bookmarking Clients ?

You can use above linkedin system also and you can search any good website like and open this website all inner pages or post and you will find some links in each so open each site from article and find open website content email or form and send email for paid social bookmarking services so find how can make email to owner for social bookmarking,

Format of Sending Social Bookmarking Email

Subject – Paid Social Bookmarking Available For Your Site – DO You need?

Destail in Box –

I have lots of experience on social bookmarking and have done work on my site due to this i have lots of social bookmarking sites. If you need social bookmarking on your site, i will give your reasonable price.

Waiting Positive Reply


When your client agree, let him know the price of your work and also tell send me your link detail. Complete work on you order and send him all social bookmarking links to your client and get paid from him through paypal.

Have you Got Prof – Social Bookmarking is the Future of Your Life.

Comment Posting and Directory Submission Are the Future of Your Life ? Proof


Comment posting and directory submission also the very good source of income so only you need to search clients using above 2 way of searching clients such as linkedin and email ID from website but you can use third way of searching clients also which is post your services on all social media such as facebook, google plus and also on twitter.

How to Post on All Famous Social Media Sites ?

You have to write quality content of 100 words and post on all social media sites such as,

Subject – Paid Directory Submission and Comment Posting Available  – DO You need Services ?

Destail in Box –

I have some very good sites of comment posting and also directory submission websites in my list and we can complete order within 2 or 3 days so If you need our services we will do good work on your site

Waiting Positive Reply


Have you Got Prof – DS and Comment posting are the Future of Your Life.

Note – All SEO tools are the future of your life but if you have complete control on all SEO tools let you guess how much you can earn. I have experience more then 12 years and  doing paid guest posting on good scale so you can earn income after using all above methods.

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