Types of SEO 2018

What is SEO

SEO is basically called Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of website ranking through links with different way and also website correction through Title, tag and description.

Today we are discussing about the SEO types which some new learners do not know so we will explain  in simple english.

Types of SEO

There are 2 types of SEO such as onsite SEO and offsite SEO both are the important factors of SEO.

Onsite SEO

It is basically about your website content and pages how you set pages with title and description and also which type of content and its quality.

In simple words,

When you write quality content and post on your site with title, tag and description called onsite SEO.

Offsite SEO

When your website is ready and you do bookmarking, guest posting, comment posting, directory submission etc all process called offsite SEO.

 In other words,

It is the process of backlinks for your website called offsite SEO.

How Other Websites Describe Types of SEO

1 – Lifehack is one of the top website which lots of people follow so read how it describe about types of SEO,

Offsite SEO By Lifehack

Onsite SEO By Lifehack

2 – Searchengineland is one the top SEO website which is considered solid tips website by the people and also google.

Onsite SEO By searchengineland

Offsite SEO By searchengineland

3 – Techiegrp is in google top position website which we type SEO types  in google so we are referring you this website SEO Types.

Black Hat SEO By techiegrp

White Hat SEO By techiegrp

4 – linkedin is one of the solid website and lots of people describe their knowledge on it so what are seo types,

SEO Types By Publisher on linkedin

Note – We are giving you reference some top websites because we want you must good knowledge about SEO Types which improve your knowledge and strength of increasing income through website.

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