How to Create And Use of Pinterest 2018

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is sicial media website which is very famous in people after facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+. Pinterest isbasicaly used or famous in SEO specilist because they used it for share website on it.

How can Search Pinterest in Google

Pinterest is very easy to search in google only unknown person can type google bar Pinterest and you will see right website adress www.

How to Create Pinterest Account

Some people do not know how to create account on pinterest but they want to use it for the website visitors so follow our tips and create account.

1 – Open www. and you will see 2 option such as facebook and create a new account or other register word for account creating.

2 – If you have facebook account then click on “ continue with facebook” and put your facebook email id and password in it and you will automatically redirect to pinterest website.

3 – It mean your pinterest account has been created.

How to Use Pinterest Account

Pinterest use is very easy but first you have to create board then you can share your website with url or image on it.

Meaning of Board on Pinterest

Pinterest board mean create a group and post your all activities on this group and people will see what you have shared with them.

Tips to Create Board

1 – First you have to click on cornet image which is your profile image.

2 – second – you must click on profile.

3 – You can write your board name because it is your choice.

5 –  Click on Create oprion.

How to Use Pinterest Board

When you process complete, you see Pin button or Plus button which is near to your profile option.

If you want to share your only website, you have to click on “save from website” but you want your share with your image click on “upload an image” and share.

How can Share Your Website “Save From Your Website”

Click on save from your website option and type your website and click on next you you will

See your board name so click on your board name and save now.

Note – You can get visitors after share your website on pinterest only share your profile on google+, facebook, twitter and linkedin. Daily base pinterest use can give you good benefits and your website will be become more popular.

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