Importance Of Namaz With Quran and Hadees

Namaz or prayer is one of the five part of the Islamic culture because namaz has much importance then all other four. Namaz every man has to prays daily five 5 but others like Hajj, Roza, Zakat and Imaan on one Allah(Toheed), you have to says once a year or life such as you have to keep 30 rozas one time in the Islamic year. If you have lots of money extra, you have to do hajj or also you give zakat. Namaz must be five time a daily which will keep you in touch with Allah.

Benefits of Namaz

There are lots of benefits of namaz in our life such as,

1 – Namaz five time a day, keep you clean and white.

2 – Namaz give time a day, keep good relation with Allah Pak.

3 – Every Gunaa may be forgive by Allah Pak due to namaz.

4 – Namaz keeps you healthy also because it keep your body in exercise mode daily.

Namaz in Quran Pak Light

You can read importance of Namaz in the light of Quran Pak,

Namaz in Hadees Nabvi(sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

Importance of namaz see in hadees

Rakat Of Namaz
Are you want to know how much rakat in each namaz and see the structure of namaz Bio data.

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