Durood Sharif in Urdu 2020

Importance of Durood Shareef

Darood Pak has very much importance in all over the world because it is the zikr of Allah or we are asking rehmat for Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam  from Allah Pak.

Order of Allah Subhanahu Tala

Allah Subhanahu Tala has orderd in Quran Pak :-

We must read it because Allah Subhanahu Tala gives us 10 rehmat if we are darood pak one time.

Light in Hadess Pak

You can read following hadess pak for the importance of durood pak because Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam loves darood pak.


Durood Sharif in Muslim Sharif and Bukhari Too

Following darood pak are taken from Muslim and bukhari shareef but we have taken from google so please first tasdeeq and then talk on it but read one time darood pak and earn 10 rehmat from Allah Subhanahu Tala.

Importance of Darood Ibrahim (alaihis salam)

Darood ibrahimi has top importance in all darood because it is related to Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and when some one read it will find lots of benefits.

Benefits of Durood Ibrahim

It has lots of benefits which are in Muslim Sharif and Bukhari Sharif also so we are posting some benefits in Urdu which will give you lots of benefits after.


Read more darood sharif benefits from following link

Benefit of Darood Pak

Other Durood Pak Hadess

Note – If you have more accurate hadees Pak please send us we will publish on our site soon.

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