Zikr of Allah By Quran, Hadees e Nabvi and Video bayen

Zikr of Allah is one of the important part of our both live such s in this world and next world. only thing can save us if we do “Zikr of Allah Pak.” 

Benefits of Zikr of Allah Pak

1 – It will give you relaxation any time.

2 – Will save us from both live, if we will be in trouble Insha Allah.

3 – Allah Pak will give us lots of goods like money, complete our good work and many more.

4 – If you remember him, he will also remember us at any time.

5 – Zikr of Allah can only give our hearth relaxation not  music.

6 – only can save us from “Dozak Fire.” or Tartarus.

NoteAllah Pak u and us Always gives us Toufeeq of Zikr of Allah. Ameen

Please also pray for my whole family we do this.

Zikr of Allah Pak By Quran Pak

2 – Quran Pak

3 – Quran pak

4 – Quran pak

2 – Hadees E Nabvi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)

2 – Hadees

3 – Hadees

4 –

5 –

6 –

3 – Zikr of Allah Pak By Bayen

1 –

Zikr e ilahi – Allah Ke Zikr Ki Ahmiyat Aur Fazilat By Adv. Faiz Syed

2 –

Insaan Ki Har Pareshani Ka Ilaaj – Allah ka Zikr or Apki Pareshani Khatam



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