BBCode Creating Sites 2020

What is HTML Code

There are lots of person only know about HTML but do not know the meaning of it so first  anyone knows the meaning of HTML read meaning below;

HTML Meaning ———– Hypertext Markup Language

Definition of HTML Code

“The code which is used in creating website hayper link called HTML code.” You can see example of HTML code,


<a href=””>dofollow guest posting sites list</a>


dofollow guest posting sites list

 What is Bbcode

“The code which is normally used inform for creating hayper link,” when you creating new topic on forum or creating thread basically lots of forums demand for Bbcode and you can identify it “URL” and this word show you have to create Bbcode for making your link hayper.

Meaning of BBCode  – Bulletin Board Code

How can Create Bbcode From HTML

Lots of people know about HTML code but they do not know how can create Bbcode but do not worry it is very easy for you. Use HTML code below

1  – HTML Code

<a href=””>dofollow guest posting sites list</a>

2 – Open –
1 –

3 – Put your HTML code in box at
1 –

4 –  Click on “Submit HTML” you will find Bbcode.


[url=] dofollow guest posting sites list[/url]

Bbcode Creating Sites 2018

There are lots of sites which you can used for creating bbcode in few second because we want to save your time in this current fast time.

1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –
5 –
6 –
7 –

Note – All above sites are free and you can use any site for convert HTML code into bbcode in few second so please share this list to your friend to improve their knowledge.

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