The Fox And Grapes Story For 10 Class


Students who are in the search of good and simple stories then you will be glad to catch all the stories very easily at here. We have all the stories written in very simple and brief details here for you.


Basically the story is all about the things which we cannot get due to the nature decisions so we decided a bad thought in our mind. It is also fact stories teaches us lessons we should keep in mind for living in this world.

Story start from here.

There was a jungle and there was a fox living in it. One day fox was a very hungry. He was roaming about in search of food. It reached a garden. Some branches of ripe grapes were hanging down a vine. The mouth of the fox watered to eat them. But the garden wall was very low.

It jumped over the garden wall to reach the branches of grapes. He could not reach them. He jumped again and again but failed to get at them. He was completely tired. He realized that it was impossible for it to reach the grapes. He went away saying,”they are sour and not good to eat. If eat them, I shall fall ill.”


Moral: The grapes are sour if they are not within reach

It is always good to have some easy and simple stories for our exams and for tests also. Now we have all the stories in just very simple dictation. All kind of students can take benefit reading from here.


Note – do not write down our stories without the permission of your teachers or professors in the Examination.

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