It is the story about man who was greedy and wanted to be rich in one day but failed because nobody can become rich without hardworking and need patience too.

haste makes waste meaning in urdu

جلدی کا کام شیطان کا

Story Start Here

There was a man who lived near the forest and had a strange but beautiful hen which gave golden hen daily. Nobody known about his strange hen because he known if someone known, hen can be stolen so he kept it secret. Hen gave daily golden ages and man sell it to the market and ear money. One day he thought, he must collected all golden ages at once. He killed the hen but found nothing in her stomach and lost everything. One thing, he learnt do not be greedy and always think positive because haste makes waste.

Moral of the Haste makes waste Story –

There is no use crying over spilt milk.
Haste makes waste.
Look before you leap.

Look Before You Leap Story

haste makes waste Story in English

Haste Makes Waste Story in Urdu

We have Haste makes waste story both in English and Urdu so if you want to read Haste makes waste story in urdu, you can read below and enjoy but must learn some lesson and not do this because it is story not reality.

Haste Makes Waste Story in Hindi on Youtube

Are you looking Haste makes waste story in youtube in hindi, you can watch follow video of Haste makes waste story in hindi on youtube after press button on on button which is on the middle of the video.



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