Whois Domain Lookup Tool Sites 2018

What Is Whois Lookup

In this current fast world, if you do not know the adress of any person, you will be in trouble in case of time and money waist because today time is money so in case of website, you must also know the owner of each website and how to search owner it is very important for you.


“It is the measure of searching website registered owner name, adress, website use, DNS and other information called whois lookup tool”.

How To Search Website Ownership Information

It is very easy to search website ownership information of any website sofollow our tips:-

1 – Open https://www.whois.com/

3 – You will see result or website ownership information below,

WHOIS IP Lookup Tool

There are lots of tool which will give you any website Ip information so lots of person do not know how to search but it is very easy to search follow tips for website Ip search:-

1 – Type –https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipWhoisLookup

2 – Type website in search bar.

3 – You will see website ip adress like


WHOIS IP Lookup Tool Websites

5 – http://itools.com/tool/

Whois Lookup Tool Sites 2018 (Website Ownership Searching Tools)

There are lots of website ownership checking tools which will be easy in used and will completely your help.

Note – Above all whois lookup tool sites are free and i hope you do not need to register first only type your website adress and find website ownership all information easily but please share our whois lookup tool sites list to your all SEO specialist friends because in this way, we can only write more on SEO information.

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