A friend in need is a friend indeed story

We always produce some beautiful stories for the students for their better preparation of examination. Our stories are really very helpful to memorized and for nice grades in classes. Now here we are telling a beautiful story on the life, we have detailed in very simple language and words easy to read and keep in mind.

Story starts from here,

There was a beautiful village nearby a jungle. There were two friends’ names jimmy and Kim. Both were true friends. One day they went to play in the woods. Suddenly a snake came out from the bushes. They actually rushed their way out of the woods then jimmy’s foot was stuck in a hole and the snake was behind him. Kim saved him very bravely. From that day they never went in the woods again.


Moral of the Story: A friend in need is a friend in deed.

We have lots of more stories related to the subjects of students of any class. Here is one thing which is very important for the students; we have simple words and sentences used to read out easily and make it ready for the future exams.

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