Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2018

What is Keyword

Keyword is one of the most important part of website promotion good keywords always take your website on google first position and bad keywords selection only waist of time and money.

Which keywords Are best

There are lots of people do not know which types of keywrods are good for your websites and some are not good for also. You need to know how can select good keywords follow our effective keywords selection tips,

Keywords Selection Tips

1 – Select short keyword but competion must be low

2 – Select keywords which you have to not workhard

3 – Keyword tool must be free because you can save time

4 – Short keywords but CPM rate must be good

See low hardworking keywords example

 How to Search keywords in Free Keywords Planner Site

Open this website – 1 –

Type in bar, “guest posting sites list” you will see lots of keywords related to searched keywords.

When you write article must put maximum keywords in article but article must be informative not only ase on keywords because google only like informative articles or tips which will benefits to its visitors.

Advantages of Paid Keywords  Searching Tools

There are lots of benefits of paid keywords planner tools because paid gives you lots of ideas and also good keywords in maximum valuem but on the otherhand, Free keywords planner tools only give you some keywords when you search. So if you need websites traffic, try to buy good keywords planner with cheap price.

How to Search Free keywords planner tools

It is very easy to search free keywords searcher tool or websites which can help yours to search keywords related to your website.

1 – Type –

2 – Type in google bar “free keywords planner tool .”

3 – You will see lots of free keywords planner sites, you can select anyone one of them.

Best Free Keyword Research Tool 2018

There are lots of free keywords planner tools or sites but we select for you some sites which will save your time and money but give you good result of keywords easily.

9 –

Note – All above keywords tool are free and you can search easily after selection of any keywords planner sites.

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