7 Free Top Backlink Checker Tool 2018

What is Backlink


“When your post link on other website google calculate it  link for your website called backlinks.”

Example –  “A” has one website and “B” has also website. A want his website to B and when this process comlete, google will calculate A website backlink but B must give him dofollow backlink otheriwse google will not calculate backlink.

What is Dofollow Backlinks

“When B add link of A on his website without giving instrucion in sorce code called do-follow backlink.”

Example of do-follow backlink

Click on following image and see clearly

How to check dofollow backlink

It is very easy to check dofollow or no follow link of any website because identifiction of link is very important otherwise, your all nofollow link will not give your ranking in google because google will not calculate your links as backlinks.

Tips to check dofollow link

1 – open B site – www.sthint.com

2 – Right click on link which you want to see, it is no-follow or dofollow link.

3 – Select “inspect” and you will see code source( if in code you see nofollow word it mean link is nofollow if not it mean link is dofollow).

How Can Check Backlinks Of Anyone(competitor) Website

When you compete someone you must know everything about him and in website case, you also must know about your competitor website backlinks which he taken free or paid.

Q is how to check backlinks of your competitor

Answer:- It is very simple and easy only follow our tips.

Method of Backlink Checker of your Competitor

1 – Type or open – http://www.backlinkwatch.com/

2 – Type your competitor website in”Enter URL” section and click on “Click Backlinks.”

Click on following image and see clearly

3 – You will see lots of link will show this process very soon.

Click on following image and see clearly

Backlink Checker Sites List 2018

There are lots of backlink checker sites in google and also very easy to search but we are saving your time because you can use following any site as back link checker.

7 – https://www.semrush.com/

Note – All above back link checker websites are free and very easy because only open any above site and type your competitor website in bar and click submit or enter, you will see lots of backlinks.

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