What is DA – Bulk DA Checker Sites

What is DA and PA Means


DA mean domain authority and PA is called page authority both words DA and PA are used observation.

DA Definition

“ It is tool which measured or get result of all pages after taken backlinks called DA”.

PA Definition

“ It is measured of one page after taken backlinks of website called page authoity”.

Domain Authoty Score Range

DA is called by Moz which is the most important weapon of SEO and well recognized in SEO field.  Lots of people work on their site for increasing DA because page rank has finished by google and it prefers only now DA.

DA is strart from  1 to 100 and PA is also same 1 to 100.

If DA is increasing website value also will increase but incase of low DA, website also considered low traffic website in eyes of SEO specilist.

How Can Increase Domain Auhtoity (DA)

If you website DA is low, people do not belive your website is good even your website has lots of traffic and good alex rank. DA must be good along with traffic and alex rank but Q is how to increase DA? It is very simple follow our tips.

1 – Write unique article related to your domain name.

2 – Get good DA backlinks if you want your website DA 40 then get DA 50+ backlinks.

3 – Backlinks must be related to your themes and content.

4 – Share your website on all social media websites also.

5 – Get all links do-follow.

What is Bulk DA Checker

“It mean check your all website DA in same time called bulk DA checker.” You can open one DA checker site and put your all sites in it and click to continue, you will get all websites DA same time.

How Can Search Bulk DA Checker Sites In Google

Lots of new SEO students do not know where to you check all website DA same time or in bulk consition and they feel frusterate after checking one by one DA of all their website but one big loss is to spend lots of time which is negitive espect of SEO. Time is very important in SEO, less time more work is the identity of SEO. Q is how to search in google DA checker site follow tips.

1 – Open google.com

2 – type in google bar “bulk da checker”

3 – You will find lots of sites which will provide you bulk da checker services in free

4 – Put your all websites in it and get all website DA in same time


If you select bulk DA checker site –


Put all your website in it and click on perform check button after tick on “ i am not a robot”.

After Result

You will get all website DA in one time and you do not need time to spend one by one on for sites.

Bulk DA Checker Sites 2018

There are lots of bulk DA check sites in google now a days because DA checking is one of the post important aspect of SEO. We have some very good sites for you to save time because we know you have not must time to search in google. We have good collection of bulk DA checker sites, you can use anyone site.

1 – http://www.seoreviewtools.com/ – It is the number one site in google for checking bulk DA because it is very good and famous website.

2 – https://www.robingupta.com/ – It is the second famous bulk DA checker site which result is very good and fast but its position in google 1.

3 – http://www.bulkdachecker.com/ – It is the also bulk DA checker website also its name shows it but its position in google is 3.

4 – http://www.seoweather.com/ – Anyone can check on this website 25 website DA because it is very fast result showing website. It is on 4th position.

5 – https://www.prepostseo.com/ – Its position in google is 5th but you can check bulk DA of your websites in same time.

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