List Of Accounting Specializations That Melbourne Accountants Work For

In the business world, this seemed like more of a luxury. But, for many countries, to have professional accounts is essential as they are the experts on strategic planning for growth. Whether managing personal finances or business navigation intricacies of corporate accounting, having an accountant has huge benefits.

Pursuing an accounting specialization can be challenging, especially for those who want to become a certified accountant specializing in particular fields. Know more about Melbourne accountant jobs specializing in different fields discussed below. The professional services make a substantial difference in the financial management of both personal and professional fields.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountants are the detectives in the accounting and financial industries. These accountants work on the following jobs:


  • paper trails
  • trace money

You may comb through the following:


  • financial statements
  • checks
  • invoices
  • other documents

The documents mentioned here are the following:


  • evidence of embezzlement
  • securities fraud
  • money-laundering
  • credit card fraud
  • other financial misdeeds

The forensic accounting specialty involves finding assets that a creditor can reach to satisfy the judgments. 

Forensic accountants prepare information and often attest in hearings and trials. It means the forensic accountant needs coursework and knowledge in:


  • criminal law
  • court procedures
  • rules of evidence

Several agencies that employ forensic accountants, such as:


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks other financial institutions

Personal financial planning

CPAs harness their knowledge to help clients with the following:

save college educations and retirement

make charitable and family gifts

plan their estates

The personal financial planner suggests the proper mix of:


  • stocks
  • bonds
  • other financial assets

Personal financial services double the traditional accounting services. CPAs already include personal financial planning in their practices, with 62% providing estate planning.

Auditing information technology

Financial statements and conclusions are essential on which they are based. Businesses may rely on digital technology and computers, but they face risks of improper data entry and threats to the protection of their systems. Cyber attacks have increased 17 times between 2009 to 2011 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The information technology auditor may work on the reliability of generated and computer-collected data.

Accountants specialize in the field to detect the risks and presence of authorized data entry that lets inaccurate information skew reports and filings with the entities. The positions need acumen for computer science and technology.

Navigating finance may prove to be challenging much of the time. Having a skilled accountant proves to be highly beneficial when needing help with financial obligations.

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