Noorani Qaida Online Course

The Noorani Qaida online course is particularly designed for beginner students to understand the basic principles of the Arabic language and the pronunciation of the words used in the holy Quran. Students can easily learn the basics of reciting the Quran through learning Noorani Qaida. The lessons are engaging and instructive and are offered in the presence of experienced and professional tutors. 

Furthermore, the students from beginner level to advanced level can also refine their knowledge. Here in the blog, we will discuss how to enroll in Noorani Qaida online course, and other details about the course. 

Various online institutions offer online Quran classes including Noorani Qaida, Quran reading, memorization of the Quran, and Quran Translation, etc. The online Madrasa is one of the top institutions known for its effective classes. I

In addition, the classes are beneficial for all ages of students including kids, adults, and females. The best features of the online institution are offering classes in flexible hours, fixing affordable fee structure, availability of native and non-Arab local and international teachers, and female teachers for female students. 

Noorani Qaida lessons

The academic experts and professional tutors have structured the lessons of Noorani Qaida in such a systematic way to cover all the aspects of the course, and students of all levels can easily understand it. According to the syllabus, the students will learn these lessons in the Noorani Qaida course

  • Mastering the recognition and articulation of the Arabic Alphabet 
  • Joining letters according to Arabic grammar to form meaningful words
  • Learning vowel sound letters and exploring them while recitation
  • Learning the rules of Tanween and recognizing its symbols 
  • Mastering the concept sukoon or silent letters within a word
  • Ehance recitation fluency on the guidelines of professional male and female tutors
  • Learning basic rules of tajweed to master proper recitation of the Quran with correct articulation the words used in verses
  • Practice reciting the holy Quran in the presence of tutors

The students can learn the course in different levels.

Levels of the Noorani Qaida Course

There are three different levels of the course.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Level 1

The level is for students who have no any prior knowledge of the Quran. The students of this level are usually kids and new converts to Islam. In the course, they learn Arabic Alphabet, and pronunciation of letters including place and manner of articulation.

Level 2

Level 2 is for those students who know about Arabic letters and little knowledge about the Quran. The students learn how to join letters to form words and learn to recite some verses in the holy Quran. In addition, students also learn some basic rules of Tajweed and their application in certain points in the Quran. 

Level 3

The advanced level or level 3 is for students who want to enhance their Quran recitation skills. At this level, students can completely learn Noorani Qaida which leads to reading the holy Quran smoothly without committing any error. 

Why learn Online?

As you know countless physical institutions are offering Quran learning Classes, but the benefits of learning online are countless. Here we will highlight some advantages of learning Noorani Qaida Online. 

Flexible Timing 

One of the notable benefits of learning the course online is classes that are offered in flexible timing. Many students particularly female student barely have time from their daily responsibilities to join a physical institution. So, the online institutions allow them to enroll in online classes and choose the class timing according to their availability. 

Affordable Fee structure

In many western countries, fee for joining Quran institutions are very high. But, online instiutions offers classes at affordable fees. Because, there are very less cost of salaries, and no other operational costs i.e. building rent, utility bills, etc. Therefore, they fix the fees very low to facilitate the students with Quran classes at lower fees.

International Tutors

The most notable benefits of learning Noorani Qaida online is availability of international tutors. Student can explore professional tutors from across the world and enroll with them to learn the course. Furthermore, the students can also learn from native Arabic teachers and enhance their skills of the Arabic language while learning the Noorani Qaida.


We have discussed in detailed about Noorani Qaida Online Classes. Students of different ages can learn the Qaida in three different levels. We also included the course syllabus, and highlighted the benefits of learning online. For further details or registration in the Noorani Qaida Course, you can visit the official web page of Online Madrasa. 

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